Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New UI

When Patch 3.0 hit, most of my mods stopped working, and really no one could do much for a couple of days. I decided now was the time to tame my UI.

I have wanted to clean up my UI for a long time, but I knew it would take a period of adjustment and I didn't want to hurt my Raid performance any by adjusting to a new UI.

This was what my old UI looked like:
And this is my new one:

Now let me explain how I got from BEFORE to AFTER.

It started with a post from Anna of TooManyAnnas where she had posted her UI. It was beautiful. Then Josh over at EyeForAnEye posted a UI as well. It looked great, too.

Both posted a laundry list of mods they used to make their UI.

That was great. I went and downloaded the Mods, installed them and brought up WoW. You ever bought something and you get it home and you look at what you've got and then you look back at the picture and you think 'this doesn't exactly look like that'.

That was my first impression. I had all the pieces, but it didn't look much like the beautful UI I had seen in those pictures.

I hate to admit I don't remember where but somewhere in my travels I had come across a person talking about Spartan UI. I went to the homepage to check it out. As I started to read about it, one phrase captured my attention: Zero-setup. Now you are talking my language.

So I downloaded the pacakge and installed it.

And it didn't work. Well most everything was there, but my mouse wasn't able to control the camera. So it was back to my old UI.

I put a post on the MainTankadin boards and another Spartan user let me know they had just released a new version. I redownloaded the Spartan UI and installed it. I was able to drag spells from my spell book right to the action bars. After just a couple of minutes I was up and running.

Of course, I quickly found I still needed a couple of things like Omen, DBM, Auctioneer, Baggins, and Scrolling Combat Text.

I'm still tweaking it. The chat frame can get lost behind the Character frame and the buff/debuffs are very small. It made it hard to see how many 'stacks' I had on Bloodboil. Also it only shows one line which makes clicking off things like Divine Intervention a little tricky. I may got back to Elkano's Buff Bars and place them in the upper left hand corner of my screen.
But overall, I really like my new UI.


Ogscreech said...

Im a big fan of your blog mate, i aspire for mine to be 1/10 as good as urs one day :P. Very good UI find, i love it

Galoheart said...

Much nicer looking UI. You actually have more viewing space now with a cleaner look. Nice work!

Galoheart said...

So its a Spartan UI addon UI package?

Honors Code said...

Basically. SpartanUI is a full UI with all the frames and everything. Pretty cool.