Thursday, October 2, 2008

A New Gun

With the Raid called off, I did some dailies and fishing and went out to Netherwing to grind some rep.

"The Not So Friendly Skies" has got to be the buggiest quest in WoW. You have to shoot down these orcs on Netherdrakes. Sometimes they wouldn't drop out of the sky, but would shoot me from hundreds of yards away. Then they would fly to my location like they had been shot out of a cannon.

As I was finishing that up, I got a tell from one of our new Resto Shamans about doing ZA. I'm thinking this is a Dominion group so I was really surprised when I saw it was basically a PuG.

The group kept talking about how they needed 2 tanks. I pointed out I was one. A couple of minutes later, they are still talking about needing 2 tanks. I was baffled. We finally get two tanks, and the other tank is also a Protection Paladin. Pally Power for the win.

Then someone asked if we could get two timers. One of the players responded "Well we have 2 Protection Paladins, I don't think we'll get any timers". You know, we might not have gotten any timers, but it would have been because we were a PUG and not because we had two Tankadins.

I was getting pretty tired of the attitude, and I could tell this group was on a one way trip to Failsville. Myself and the other Protection Paladin would be to blame I'm sure.

Then like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, I got a tell from one of my old Heroes buddies. He wanted to take his new Protection Paladin into a 5 man and wanted to know if I'd like to go. I had previously told all my old friends in Heroes or MK that if they needed a 5th for a 5 man, please look me up.

To my credit, I didn't make up any oddball excuse. I told the group the truth. A buddy of mine needed some help and I was going to drop group.

After a bit of discussion, we decided on Steamvaults. It was me on my Hunter, my friend on his Protection Paladin, a Feral druid alt, a Warlock alt, and a Holy Paladin.

The run went really well. I got a new gun off the 2nd Boss. I was 3rd on the DPS meters with around 500 DPS. You may hold your laughter.

I don't know if the other guys just outgeared me or if I didn't play that well. I dinged 70 just a couple of weeks ago and I've got more greens than a house salad.

I have the 3:2 Steady Shot Macro and tried to spam that as much as I could. The Warlock was able to Seed of Corruption most of the pulls, but I should have been able to keep up with the Feral.

It was a fun run. My buddy and I talked about the Protection Paladin changes in Beta. I have a strong hunch I had more fun than if I had stayed on that ZA run.


Jacob said...

You were outgeared. 500 DPS is quite reasonable for a fresh 70 wearing mostly green gear. For comparison, my Kara/ZA groups have two (marksman) hunters who are heavily equipped with badge gear, and they do 800-900 DPS. I think they were closer to 600 when we were starting Kara.

Ofn said...

It was a fun run, wasn't it? I'm glad you came along. B

Being the feral alt in question, I humbly suggest that the difference was largely gear. I hit 70 with the druid a couple months ago and now well more than half my gear is purple, including an incredible staff. Most of it is comprised of welfare epics, to be sure, but still, lol.

Anyway, it was good time. Glad we gave you an opportunity to get out of the ZA fail.

Hombre said...

500 DPS is nice for the amount of RAP and crit you have. You might wanna pick up Improved Aspect of the Hawk instead of Endurance Training and try to get some +hit because you are missing a lot.

Also, BW+Rapid Fire+Trinket-popping gives a nice DPS boost, especially done all together.