Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Race For The Cure

Allow me for a moment to take off the mask. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In the Cancer world, I'm what's called a Co-Survivor. That is the family, friends, health care providers or colleagues of those who have survived Breast Cancer.

In my case it was my Aunt who survived Breast Cancer. I would encourage you to participate in the many fund raising efforts going on this month to help find a cure for Breast Cancer and to fund Mammograms for those who can not afford it.

You can donate money to the Susan G Koman For the Cure, a grassroots organization of survivors working towards a world without Breast Cancer. You can find their site here: http://cms.komen.org/komen/Donations/index.htm

Thank you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Tankadin programming.


Anonymous said...

Seemed appropriate:

Two scientists were racing
For the good of all mankind
Both of them side by side
So determined
Locked in heated battle
For the cure that is their prize
But it's so dangerous
But they're determined

Theirs is to win
If it kills them
They're just humans
With wives and children

Upwards to the vanguard
Where the pressure is too high
Under the microscope
Hope against hope

Forging for the future
But to sacrifice their lives
Both of them side by side
So determined

Theirs is to win
If it kills them
They're just humans
With wives and children

Artorin said...

My wife was just diagnosed yesterday with Carcinoid syndrome which usually comes about when a carcinoid Tumor spreads to the liver. Please Pray me my wife and my daughter.

Azrak said...

I can't image what your going through, but my best wishes and prayers to your family.

Honor, you keep giving me more reason to refresh your blog about 100 times a day just hoping you put something else up. Love the posts lately bouncing between WoW and RL.

Dradis said...

An excellent cause to be sure. I will add a link to my site. As far as I know, I don't know anyone who has had breast cancer. However, I am all for curing something that takes as many lives as breast cancer does. /salute

BTW, championing a righteous cause like this, very Paladin-ish.

Anonymous said...

My Heart goes out to everyone who has has cancer of any type and to anyone who knows or knew a love one who died from cancer.

My best wish to you Artorin and I hope things will be ok for you and your wife.

Estellas Moon Guard Server, US