Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Twas The Night Be 3.0...

...and I was Ret spec, just out doing some dailies when I saw my old friend Celoria on her Druid. I offered her some assistance (as Resto Druids are not known for strong soloing and well, it IS a PVP server, it's safer with friends).

It turns out she was just farming some Herbs for her future Inscriptionist waiting for Raistilan to log on to run a Heroic. They were kind enough to invite me along to Heroic Magister's Terrace. Raist was going to bring his Protection Paladin alt so I stayed Ret, and we had a Holy Paladin healer.

The group was full Mal Katai except of course for me.

Holy Paladin, Ret Paladin, Prot Paladin, Survival Hunter, and a Frost Mage versus Heroic Magister's Terrace.

This isn't supposed to work.

But it did. I take some sort of perverse joy in seeing a group that is 'all wrong' and making it through the instance.

The Shard of Contempt dropped but I lost the roll to the Holy Paladin who is going Ret today.

I have a ton to learn as a Ret Paladin. There are some things I've never even thought about as a tank. For instance, how much of a 'lead' do you let the tank get before you open up. My DPS was not what I wanted to see. I was really expecting (based on my gear) to see four digit DPS. I was disappointed to not even break 700 most fights.

I know part of my problem was I was PVP spec (0/20/41) instead of PVE spec (5/8/48), and part of it was I simply wasn't used to being a DPSer.

We talked about the patch and the things to come. It was really cool. See you guys when the servers are up.


Anonymous said...

i have the same problems when im running ret in an instance. i have 1972 ap unbuffed and 26% crits, and see 600 dps, im more like what the heck am i doing wrong? some of it i think i wait too long to start and timing the rotation as well.

Anonymous said...

Raistilan says:

It was great running with you:)
Other than having to do pvp as prot lawl

Look forward to seeing you online tonight:)