Monday, November 3, 2008

Come On Blizzard, Think!

Ret got hotfixed again. Okay, Blizzard is trying to get the spec under control I understand that.

But Blizzard really needs to take more time examining what the changes to Retribution do to Holy and Protection when they nerf Ret. I don't believe they have really thought about what the nerf to Seal and Judgment damage have done to Holy, or low level Paladins who basically only have Seal and Judgment as their only means of DPS.

This latest hotfix has added Forbearance back to Avenging Wrath. The goal here is preventing the Paladin from using Avenging Wrath while under the protection of the 'Bubble'.

I can certainly understand that allowing the Paladin to increase his damage by 20% while completely immune to all damage and Crowd Control might have been a tad overpowered. But what was NOT considered is that this does to Protection.

As Protection, I often open the fight with Avenging Wrath to really get a nice lead on threat.

However, with the change adding Forbearance to Avenging Wrath, I've now locked out my panic button, Divine Protection (aka BubbleWall) for 2 minutes. That's a really long time in PVE, especially as short as the fights are now.

That couldn't have been an intended consequence of the nerf nor can I see it as a acceptable moving forward.

Come Blizzzard, you've got some really smart people working for you. THINK!!
Let me direct you to an excellent thread on the Beta forums where the Paladin community is calmly and thoughtfully laying out the issues and possible solutions to work with Blizzard on the issue:


Alerek said...

They really appear to be scrambling to "fix" Retribution before Wrath. They didn't even test this hotfix enough to catch a serious bug, so they have to be rushing it.

Bandarno said...

You now know how pve druids (particularly resto) feel when blizzard nerfs druids in an attempt to balance out 1 bracket of arena pvp.

Anonymous said...

I agree Blizzard is nerfing all 3 specs. I hate it that they are not fully testing them out fully before they being them out all the way.
Estellas, Moon Guard Server