Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night was kind of a quick night for me in game. I was hoping to knock out a couple of Dailies while my wife watched her “Dancing With the Stars” show, then I could grab the TV and watch a little “Monday Night Football”, (/cue theme music) and what a great game it turned out to be!

But in my short time online, I realized that I had not done a good job communicating with my Raid Leader. The misunderstanding stemmed from my decision in regards to raiding 25 mans with Dominion.

I didn’t do a good job of communicating that my decisions applied to both current Level 70 raids, as well Level 80 raids. My Raid Leader had understood it to apply only to Level 80 raids. So she was most surprised, and a bit disappointed, when I turned down the invitation to raid with them last night. One of our Druids had recently decided to stop raiding at Level 70 so I didn't think what I was doing was all that unusual, but it certainly caught my Raid Leader by surprise.

However, I must not have been the only person to decline to raid because not long before I logged off the Raid was called off.

Communication is a skill I’m going to need to continue to work on improving, including what I write in my Blog. I need to develop my writing to such an extent that I can state the facts, and even disagree with decisions that are made, without vilifying the people I’m talking about or maligning them.

All my Guild Leaders / Raid Leaders have been targets of various rants and had me express my disapproval with various decisions they made about running their Guilds / Raids.

While my words were never untrue, they were often unkind.

To a certain extent, it’s difficult to avoid charged emotions anytime you discuss a disagreement with the way someone is running a group.

It’s a similar problem to what my company’s Sales Team runs into with our customers. To sell our solution, we essentially have to tell our customers they are doing things the wrong way.
To our customers it must sound like our Sales Team is saying something along the lines of “Your baby is ugly”. I’m sure my Guild Leaders must have felt a similar sentiment as I disagreed with various decisions they made.

It’s something I’ll need to continue working on. Hopefully I’ll get it right more often than I get it wrong.

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