Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ding 71!

Honorshammer is now level 71 and still questing in Howling Fjord. My playtime started with me putting on the robot suit for the Dwarves at the Explorer’s Outpost and ended up on an island full of Walrus people.

I was sent to investigate a cave at Baelgun’s Excavation site. Inside there was a very Titanish looking guy talking about Uldar (a future raid zone in the Storm Peaks). What was strange was that this guy was talking about undoing the work of the Pantheon. The Pantheon is the Titan High Council, and this guy looked like a Titan. Why would one Titan want to undo the work of the Titan High Council?

I love this kind of stuff.

I was a little confused by the first quest that the Walrus man gave me. He sent me to investigate Shield Hill. When I got there it was crawling with Undead. I picked up some clues from some ancient Vrykyl. I go back to him and he sends to me to his village but starts talking about pirates. Did I miss something?

I'm supposed to go talk to a Goblin so maybe things will clear up when I talk to him.

I am starting to feel a little behind the curve. I just hit 71 last night and most people I know are already up to 73. Of course, then I remember that there are people who are waiting for Wrath to appear under their Christmas tree. I think I’ll be okay.

I’ll keep plugging away at it tonight and hopefully find a group to run The Nexus with as a Tank or DPS.

Edit: I've noticed a palatable pressure to level quickly this Expansion, that I didn't notice in Burning Crusade despite being in the initial leveling curve both times.


Anonymous said...

I just started that Walrus man quest line you're talking about. My understanding is that items were pillaged out of the tombs, and the pirates are responsible. So, talk to the pirates, find out where the items are, and retrieve them.

I think that's what is going on.

Darraxus said...

You go talk to the pirate, he sends you to a little island (make sure to read the quest text as the Tauren guy gives you a ride). The quest continues from there and you have to recover a bunch of ancient artifacts. You eventually put the artifacts back at shield hill which will get you a decent blue DPS trinket and a bunch of XP in the end. There are a bunch of fun quests on the pirate island.

Argon said...

I think the deal with the Walrus man is that he tells you that some pirate dude has or knows how to get the relics you need to deal with Shield Hill. You are in for a treat, though, the stuff after you talk to the goblin has been one of my favorite things thus far in WotLK (I'm not much further along than you).

Captain The First said...

Don't worry about being behind the curve in terms of levelling. The curve ends at 80 in which case you're a mere 9 levels behind and will probably be good for most end-game content by the time you hit level 77, so that's 6 levels behind.

Once my logic kicks back in I'll be able to tell you why levelling is completely unneeded until you feel like it... *waits*

Orgauth said...

I roll with Nihilum, and now I have nothing to do for the next two months except enjoying having my thumbs up my tookus! Or not...

I understand the urge to want to gear up and see what cruel means of death that the brains at Blizzard have devised; I don't understand the urge to conquer everything that is available in the game <60 hours. I'm at 73, and am just fine with the progress. There's exploration and quest achievements to take care of in the meantime.

Guess they'll have plenty of time to farm eternals and enchanting mats - goodbye server economy!

Aleathea said...

I too have felt the "palpable pressure" to level quickly this expansion. For me it is due in part to the fact that raid content is so much more accessible this time around.

With the introduction of ten man raiding, small guilds like mine now have the opportunity to compete with the big name guilds on their server.

The lack of long attunement chains and rigerous entry level gear requirements makes raiding all that much more accessible, and a sense of eagerness to re-enter the world of raiding propels me on.

That and the fact that the quests are just so well done. I find myself staying up hours later than I intended just to see what happens next.

I have played a Paladin since Classic WoW and have never enjoyed any quests as much as the ones in the Dragonsblight zone.

Honors Code said...

Now you've made ME want to hurry up and level so I can check out Dragonblight!

Aleathea said...

You won't be disappointed, Honors. The dragonsblight quests are just too good to describe, so I won't even try. I'll look forward to (hopefully) reading your thoughts on that zone in few days :)

Barachiel said...

I know what you mean. I just hit Level 73 which is amazingly fast for me (I took the long slow path to 70; I won't say HOW slow to preserve what little respect I might have in the internet community [very little]), and I can't believe what a drive I feel to keep going. I'm running instances regularly on weekends, working on my professions. For the first time, I really involved with WoW and its community and not just the poor schmuck who's so far behind it's not funny.