Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Excited For Wrath

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blog, I give the floor over to Mortehl.


I have to say, I am very excited for wrath. I was sort of Meh on TBC because the Naruu is such a gross departure from the Azeroth world that Warcraft belongs in. Wrath on the other hand, from the architecture, to the colors is a true return.

Outposts LOOK like what you remember from Azeroth, down to the color schemes. You actually have entire outposts where the roofs are painted the same color, etc. I'm sure a lot of people in this community is looking forward to the leveling process as something that is in the way to raiding, but stop and enjoy this. Wrath from it's music score, to the background visuals is the -World- of Warcraft at it's finest. You will very much feel like you're are living breathing part of the game, as opposed to someone traversing a 2 dimensional painting.

Also, there's a lot of stress here about where our role is. Don't panic. Unlike in TBC where we literally had the entire deck stacked against us, by Blizzard's own admissions this time around, they want us to be maintankadins. Seriously, don't worry about those few percent in either direction. Enjoy the game. Its a big world and there's a lot there are many opportunities for us who play paladins in all sorts of roles. - Mortehl

Well said, Mate!

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