Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Honorshammer Picture Gallery

As I prepard to headoff to Northrend, I thought I'd take a look back at how Honors has progressed over his playing time.

Level 1 Honorshammer. If I only knew then what I know now.

Honors as he is getting ready to step through the Dark Portal at level 60. 'Blue' PVP Shoulders, The Immovable Object, Soulforge Bracers, Lightforge Chest, Gloves, and Belt, Helm of the Holy Avenger, PeaceKeeper Boots, Serathil

One of my very first nights in Kara. Crystalforged Sword, Aegis of the Sunbird, Timewarden's Leggings, Felsteel Helm and Gloves, Boots from that awful escort quest at the end of Mana Tombs, and Warchief's Mantle.Hey I finally got some Righteous Armor (Dungeon Set 3)! By the way, Laj, I STILL hate you.

Starting to get some Kara gear, Eternium Greathelm, Boots of Elusion, and Maiden's Guantlets.

I got Moroes Belt and I finally finish the grind for my Season 2 Gavel.
Tier 4 Shoulders!Engineering grind done. Man would I wear those goggles for a long time. Honors almost doesn't look right without them.Starting to collect Badge gear. Amani Punisher, Shield of Impenetrable Darkness and Sabatons of the Righteous Defender. I STILL have those dang boots.Hydross wouldn't know what hit him. Resistance gear is not the best looking stuff going.ALD! ALD! ALD! ALD! Tanks and their shields, what can I say. Tier 5 Shoulders, Tier 6 Glvoes, Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor, Hammer of Judgement. Same dang Boots.Tier 6 hat. Same dang Boots.Kaz'Rogal's Hardened Heart, Tier 6 shoulders. Same dang Boots.My Fire Set for Flame tanking

Full Tier 6 (sans Sunwell), switched to Suneater

Retribution 'leveling' gear for Wrath.


Kinzlayer said...

very nice progression, i wish i had save some SS from my warlock.

Anonymous said...

Yeah great idea! I must take more screenies of my toons for the same use.

T'was quite interesting to see how the looks of the gear change.