Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet The Hammer

In the very unlikely event any of my blog readers live in the Greater Charleston, SC metro area and would like to meet up tonight at the Midnight opening for Wrath of the Lich King, here's my plans for the tonight.

There are 3 Gamestops doing midnight openings in Charleston. I'll be at the Gamestop on Rivers Ave in the Target shopping center.

I'll be the the geeky looking guy in the MainTankadin T-Shirt.
All my wonderful plans for getting Wrath prep done last night were dashed by server issues. Altar of Storms never came up.

I've never understood the people who get really emotional about server down time. You've read the forum posts, too I'm sure. Some of those posts just crack me up. Sure I'm paying for the time, and I wasn't able to access the service. I'm out about 50 cents.
I ended up playing some older games I have and watching TV.

Apparently ALL the servers are STILL down. This is not a good sign with the Expansion less than 15 hours away.


Orgauth said...

Steamwheedle Cartel(US) came up around Midnight EST last night, and was pretty stable except for a handful of lag spikes. Goofed around in Karazhan for a couple hours, logged at 4.30 AM. Can't say if it is STILL up - there were "other" issues that required fixing (can I has free S2 gear? It was like watching vultures running behind an armored truck dropping stacks of Benjamins).

Honors Code said...

According to all realms are down.

Bacon said...

The server downtimes came at a great timing for me. I just diagnosed today with Walking Pnuemonia so I wasn't even feeling like sitting at a PC. On a positive note I got to see a great Frontline documentary on PBS of all channels called, "Boogieman: The Lee Atwater story". I love political history as much as I do WOW.

Honors Code said...

Get some rest, Bacon. Wrath will still be there in a week.