Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Message

The assembly of Knights marched through Stormwind on their mighty chargers. The beasts measured gait belying the power each held. The Knights assembled in a straight line near the massive lion statue that dominated the Stormwind Harbor.

Theodurn Bronzebeard looked up and down the line of Paladins that stood with him. On his right was Baelor, his massive two handed mace strapped across his back. On his left was Psiven, a fellow dwarf and one who had been a great instructor of the Knights. As Theodurn looked up and down the line, more names came to lips: Mortehl, Modus, Fridmarr, Invisusira, Sabindeus, Garath, Jensaarai, Guillex, Zaephod. All these men (and fellow Dwarves) he had served with and learned from during the Outland Campaign.

A dark shadow loomed over the Harbor. The biggest Frost Wyrm Theodurn had ever seen was leading a group of Abominations into Stormwind itself.

Baelor leaned over to his friend Theodurn, but addressed him by his nickname

"You ready, Honors?"

"Aye!", Theodurn replied.

Fridmarr, at the center of the column raised his blade, Unwavering Will, and lead the Knights into battle.

The assembled Paladins charged into the Undead ranks and exploded into a shower of Light energies.

Soon the battle was ended. The undead lay in heaps and the Frost Wyrm had crashed into the Harbor.

All that remained was the shadowy visage of the Herald of the Lich King.

Before the Herald faded back into the great shadow from whence he came, he was addressed by the Knights.

Fridmarr would speak for them.

"You take this message back to your master, Herald.

Your time has come, Arthas. There's a storm coming, our storm, a Divine storm, and when it comes it will shake the universe.

Lich King! We come for you! We come for you!"

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Rohan said...

Did you see Invisusira's Ashbringer vid I posted?

I think you would really enjoy it, especially as you aren't going to do the DK questline. (IIRC)