Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walrus Men and Pirates

I had a lot of fun last night questing in Howling Fjord.

I headed over to the goblin who was in a dingy with a pirate flag. I immediately thought of the last scene in Pirates of the Caribean: Battle At World's End. In this scene Jack Sparrow has scene his beloved Pearl being stolen by Barbosa. Jack gets into a dingy and raises the pirate flag and starts singing 'Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirates Life For Me'.

I took a boat ride from the Goblin's first mate over to the Pirate Island. There a whole string of quests opened up.

I thought the plane the Dwarves used to send me from Valgarde to Explorer's Point was cool. It ain't got nothing on the plane the Pirates use to send you over to the shipwreck to find one of the cursed Vrykyl artifacts they stole.

There was one quest where you had to kill this named Killer Whale. I found him but he was swimming around pretty fast. I would have given my left arm for some sort of ranged attack or distance closer (like Charge) so I could get into melee range of him. I just knew that I was chasing him down, someone else with the quest would come along and start fighting him. Eventually, I figured out his route and I was able to cut him off.

Then I got a quest to be a gunner on a ghost ship and take out some giant walking Tree guy. That was pretty cool.

The pirate chain ends with a quest to kill their deranged captain. Have you have noticed that a lot of people in World of Warcraft go all loopy and need to be killed? Anyway, this guy is a 72 Elite. I bet I could take him as Protection, but I wasn't willing to try it as Retribution.

Then towards the end of my playing time last night I ran into some Horde trouble. Up to this point, I had not had any Horde difficulty. I had been questing side by side with Horde most of my time in Northrend and riding past each other on the roads. It had only been at the Azjol'Nerub meeting stone that I had had any trouble at all.

I was coming back from the Walrus men village and as the lift came in Howling Fjord I see two Horde Druids fighting an Alliance Hunter. The Hunter died before I could unsheath my Axe. I wasn't sure if the Hunter had started something, so I waited a moment to see what the Druids would. Entangling Roots around my legs was my answer.

A quicky BoFreedomed myself and jumped the one in Caster form. I was in full PVE gear, but I burst him down pretty quickly. The other one was in Cat, so he stealthed.

I waited a moment and somehow saw him in stealth, so I opened up on him. All my cooldowns were back up from the other guy so I burst him down before he could even go to Bear.

It was only after they were both dead that I noticed the lovely Night Elf Priest who had been healing me.

The hunter grumbled at me, but I wasn't too worried about it.


Bacon said...

You never know who started what when you come up on a fight like that. You'd like to think that the 2 on 1 was a result of the druids taking advantage of the number situation, but you never know.

As for the Fjord, I like it alot more than the Tundra. I finished all but 2 quests in the Tundra and I was never so ready to leave a zone than that one.

Blue said...

All of those quests around the Nexus in the Coldarra made me want to take a 9 iron to my motherboard!

Kinzlayer said...

LOL, although I thought BT was a lot more larger then HF, most the quests were really fun. I like the robot stuff, as well the murlock suit was fun. I'm about more then halfway done with Dragonblight and I like it less then I like HF or BT.

Anonymous said...

Must have been something in the air.

I never PvP and am unflagged on a PvE server but when fighting broke out at the Nexus stone I just started healing and had a ball. T'was a close fight be we won.

I hope the PvP thing isn't contagious. :-)

Perhaps people are starting to get over the wonder of the new zones and are reverting to normal mode.

Anonymous said...

As far as your comment about taking on elites, I am a ret pally myself and I have had no trouble taking on elites through borean and the fjord (recommended 3 people). The first time I ran into a little trouble was some worm in Dragonblight where I blew my LoH, but who cares it's on a 20min cd now =P. Most of the elites I have fought are usually my level or a little lower, I can see running into a bit of trouble soloing later on but at 76 I'm doing fine atm.

Great post on Hit cap and Expertise cap above, I can't wait to start worrying about that when my guild starts raiding again =)

Shira - Sargeras (US PvP) -