Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Backtrack To Grizzly Hills

On the advice of some of my commenters, I decided to go back and do quests in Grizzly Hills that set up some of the story for Zul’Drak.

But first, I wanted to finish a quest to bring some items to a guy near a wrecked Steam Tank. The items would take up precious bag space. Of course, I turn those items in, and get another quest item to use. So I had to finish this little chain before I could go to Grizzly Hills.

This particular chain had quite a payoff and you end up riding on a Storm Giant, and getting to go toe to toe with the giant Level 80 elite that had been patting around the main road in Zul’Drak while I had been questing.

My giant’s aggro radius was somewhat large, and he had a knock back attack. I still had Track Undead on, and at one point it looked like a scene out of Aliens with 100s of little red dots converging on me and my rather large buddy. I was able to dispatch them all fairly easily with my Giant.

Once I finished the quest, and turned it in, I directed my attention to Grizzly Hills. It didn’t take too long to figure out I really should have done this zone first. One of the early quests I got was to free Drakuru from some mercenaries who had captured him. Drakuru was of course the main enemy you fight at the end of a long quest chain in Zul’Drak, so I could tell I was kind of doing things backwards.

The quest to free Drakuru took me all over the zone. I eventually reached the quest hub near the Blue Sky Logging Camp.

Grizzly Hills some what confuses me. You come out of Dragonblight where the Horde and Alliance forces just jointly attacked the Wrathgate. They were basically working together. Then you come to Grizzly Hills and the Alliance and Horde at basically at war over the Logging Camp. Make up your mind. Are these two forces working together as was shown at the Wrathgate or near to war again as they seem to be in Grizzly Hills. I found it very incongruous.

The quests are Blue Sky Logging Camp are series of dailies. One daily has you rescue wounded soldiers, while another has you attack Horde units or players in the area. At first, this quest somewhat perplexed me. The only Horde units I saw were Wounded Skirmishers. I don’t believe a Paladin would attack a wounded solider. It would be tantamount to an execution, and not an honorable action. Yet, I saw no other Horde units around.

I decided this would just have to be a quest that remained undone. I was about to abandon it, when I stumbled across some Conquest Hold Skirmishers. Not only were they NOT wounded, but they were engaged with Alliance soldiers. This is what being a Paladin is all about. I rode in and saved the Alliance soldiers (and completed the quest to boot!).

I proceeded deeper into the zone. Now my original plan had been to just do the quests about Drakuru and not bother with the rest of the zone. But then, I came across the Westfall Regiment, headed up by none other Gryan Stoutmantle. Gryan Stoutmantle, if you don’t recall, is the major questgiver in Westfall, an Alliance zone in the 11-22 range. He even asks you what became of the quest reward he gave you for completing the major questline of the zone. I loved it.

As a bonus, you see that he brought Old Blancy with him. Old Blancy is a horse and one of your first quests in Westfall is to fetch grain for her from a farm that has been taken over by the Defias Gang. The Old Blancy gave Honors his first bag (a four slotter!!). It was really cool to see these guys again. I quickly decided to do all the quests they had for me.

As I was questing, I came across more Runed Stone Giants. Apparently, this is where they were headed after leaving Howling Fjord.

I ended the nigh only a few bubbles from 77. Soon I’ll be able to de-ice my wings and get flying again.


Mister K said...

I think in regards to the working together in Dragonblight and fighting in the Grizzly Hills it is supposed to be that way. I went right to Grizzly Hills after the Dragonblight and after the Wrathgate experience it felt very natural to be fighting the horde after the big throwdown I had just participated in. Your move to Zul Drak first might have made it less instinctive because the Argent Crusade doesn't choose sides anyone willing to fight with them is welcome so you are back to working with the Horde.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I did Grizzly Hills well before I stared Zul Drak. As a matter of fact I did Sholozar before I did Zul Drak as well!