Monday, December 1, 2008

Ding 74!

(This post contains major, HUGE spoilers. I figured most everyone has done Dragonblight by this point ,as I'm leveling a bit slower than most, but thou hast been warned)

I had more fun in game the past couple of nights than I have in a really long time. The questlines were amazingly engaging, and I allowed myself to really get lost in the story.

One quest that was a ton of fun was the quest for the Bronze Dragonflight (yeah, Chromie!!). You get to fight alongside the 'Future You'. My 'Future You' was wearing the exact same gear I have now, so I don't think that was completely accurate. He did leave me with some wonderful of advice: Apparently my 'Future You' thinks I'm undergeared.

One of the cool moments in the quests was when I met up with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon to take on the Duskbringer. I loved it when Fordragon said he remembered how I had helped him during 'that little incident in Stormwind' (for my Onyxia attunement). Blizzard is known for 'polish' in its game and it's little touches like this that really drive that home.

The entire Wrathgate sequence was well done. Alexstraza is amazing whether in her human disguise or in her true form.
Stories at their best move us emotionally. Regardless of the media used to tell the story, the storyteller wants to have his audience feel the emotions of the characters. It is even moreso true with an MMO where you are already invested in your character from weeks, and months and in some cases, years of playtime.

It's been a long time since a video game effected me emotionally, but the entire Wrathgate / Battle For Undercity sequence did just that. Well done.

I found myself really torn about Jaina as the Battle for Undercity errupted. Were her actions traitorous or was she working to ensure the greater good for all of the Alliance by preventing yet another war with the Horde. There was something about the humans retaking Lorderon / Undercity that really seemed right to me (and with Phasing technology completely doable).

As if the lore wasn't incredible enough, I then did a quest where I got to see the entire sequence where Arthas takes the Frostmourne.

I had always thought that Arthas was still a 'good' person who had been warped by his soul being combined with that of Ner'zhul (the Lich King). As I see him (pre Frostmourne) order the deaths of his own men by sinking the ships and then blatantly disregard Muradin's advice and take Frostmourne, I've come to conclude that I, like Uther before me, was wrong about Arthas.
The good man who Arthas was, the good man that Uther trained, the good man that Jania loved, was long gone well before Arthas took hold of Frostmourne. And now it falls to me and the other heroes of the Alliance to put an end to him.

But I ended my night cheering as Muradin GOT UP. Everyone thought that one of the fragments of Frostmourne's icy tomb had killed Muradin. B

Muradin has always been something of a hero of mine. I mourned his death while playing Warcraft 3. As was hinted at in the quest I did taking the Light Infused Artifact to King Bronzebeard, Muradin is alive. He doesn't know who he is, but he IS alive. I can only hope I find him and reveal who he really is at some point.

I am having so much fun playing the game right now. I know most of my friends are now 4 to 5 levels ahead of me, but to quote Veneretio, "I'm not slow or behind. I'm moving at exactly the pace I want to be. Were I to move faster, I'd lose more than I'd gain. In game and life."


Bacon said...

Grats on lvl74.

How can your future self tell you to get better gear? He chould spoil it for you by showing what you maybe wearing.


I couldn't agree with you more. The story line is quite amazing.

Darraxus said...

The best part is at 80, you can go back and do the Hourglass of Eternity Redux. You go and fight some more mobs and Past You fights alongside you. One of the funnier quote of past you is "Whoa, what the heck is Nozdormu doing here".

Gemosi said...

Honors, now you have me taking my own sweet time through the expansion. I started WoW after TBC came out and looking back on when I started I think I may have cheated myself rushing to get to 60 and then 70. I have now had the expansion about a week and Gemosi is still at 70. I am bouncing between Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra just soaking as much as I can in. You have inspired me to take my time and really get into the story rather than push to 80 and MAYBE get into a raid group. Im liking the game even more day to day.

Keep it up Honors your post are amazing and inspiring.


Artorin said...

Not going to spoil anything but I recently hit 80 and there is a really truely epic quest line in Icecrown that I think most people who are 80 have completely missed. I heard alot of buzz about wrathgate before I had a chance to do it but nothing about the questline in icecrown.

I have to say after doing that line wrathgate is my second favorite. Anyway soak it all in take your time. I skipped over stormpeaks at 77 to go straight into icecrown and loved every quest in that zone.

Achein said...

There is some more awesome story involving Arthas' actions once you hit Icecrown.

I wish the Horde could get the quest you mention there (seeing Arthas take Frostmourne).

And I would like to take a second to thatnk you for what you are doing for the prot pally community. I have been using your posts as a rough guide since the expansion, and they have been working well for me.