Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drak'Tharon Keep

I put together a group for Drak'tharon Keep. And by put together a group, I mean I grabbed Ferth and a guy from Mal Katai and Ferth filled the group Dlow and my good buddy, Bacon from Heroes.

I had been wanting to do Drak'tharon Keep because you have to go into the dungeon to finish off the Drakuru quest line. I realized this is primarily why I always ended up raiding. The storylines eventually lead you into the raid zones and to continue following them, you have to raid.
Drak'Tharon, like most of the instances I've seen in Wrath was short instance. The entire group was a little over leveled for the instance which probably contributed to the ease with with we dispatched with the mobs therein.

The second boss was a Lich type, but was in a protective bubble. You have to kill all these adds and slowly whittle away at the bubble. Once the bubble is down, you engage the boss.
The boss didn't pose much trouble.
The third boss was probably the most fun encounter in the dungeon. The bosses name is Tharon'ja The Prophet, and he (she?) looks like a giant skeletal Wind Serpent.
This boss has an interesting mechanic in that periodically during the fight he turns you (and your entire party) into a Skeleton. Your normal abilities are replaced with a the Skeletons abilities: a spammable strike, a party self heal, a shield wall type thing, and a taunt.
I think the idea is for you to pop your Bone Armor (shield wall type thing), then taunt to get the Prophet to attack you. Then after you take some hits, another party member activates their Bone Armor and taunts while you use your party self heal. While you wait for your turn in the rotation, you DPS with the spammable strike. We didn't really need to figure out a proper rotation, or even prompt one another to taunt. I don't know if this was because some of the others had done the fight before or The Prophet just doesn't hit hard enough for it to matter if you get your rotation right. It is cool that Blizzard gives you a chance to step into a 'tank' type role regardless of your class.
Once the Prophet was defeated, I summoned Drak'uru, who promptly calls down no one than the Lich King himself. The Lich King congratulates Drakuru and orders him to go into Zul'Drak, where you eventually end up doing quests for him again. Completing both chains gives you an achievement, the Guru of Drakuru. Of course, I did the chains backwards, so I got the achievement in Drak'Tharon where most people will get it up in the Zul'Drak.
I wonder what Drak and Tharon means in Troll. You've got Drak'Tharon which is the dungeon and Tharon'ja who was the Prophet (final boss) and Drak'uru who was the troll you work for in Grizzly Hills and then again in Zul'Drak.
It was super cool to see Bacon again and we even talked a little NFL while we were steam rolling through Drak'tharon Keep. It's really cool to have such good friends in the two best guilds on the server, Mal Katai and Heroes Inc.

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