Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Projects

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, my WoW time has been somewhat limited. It’s a little bit frustrating because I’m sitting like half a bubble from 77, and I can’t wait to fire up the engines in the ole Gyrocopter again!

I got a reminder that I play on a PVP server Tuesday as the Horde were out and feeling quite scrappy. One Death Knight really had it in for me. He must have attacked me 6 different times. I think I killed him about 4 times and he killed me about 2. Looking back, I didn’t use my cooldowns well when he got me, or I might have been able to pull those out. I’m dang hard to kill that last 20% if you don’t have some sort of burst attack like Execute or Hammer or Wrath.

The basic strategy I’ve developed for Death Knights to start with Turn Evil on their pet if they have it out. I’ll get my Seal up if it wasn’t already and get a couple of hits on him while I keep cleansing off any debuffs, most likely diseases, that he puts on me. Since I took Improved Hammer of Justice, I stun them and throw a quick heal. Divine Plea is really key to these fights because between heals and cleansing and Turn Evil, I can really burn the mana.

Once you get them down, they turn into a Ghoul. Now the fun really starts. As soon as you see him turn into a Ghoul, use Turn Evil on him. Wait for it to wear off and he’ll come running back to you. Wind up another Turn Evil. He’ll do some sort of interrupt, but it’s short, so you can just wind up the Turn Evil again. You can basically keep him feared with Turn Evil until the Ghoul wears off and he dies nice and proper like.

One of the other projects I’ve been working on in my ‘WoW’ time has been researching parts for a new computer build. Ever since I got into the Wrath zones, I’ve been experiencing low framerates and sometimes the scene will only partially render. It’s frustrating, but understandable for how old my computer is.

During the Spring to Summer of 2004 I did a great deal of research and built a computer. I'm proud to say it has lasted me much longer than I anticipated. Now, I’m sort of repeating that process, and researching parts for a new build. Basically, I’m just going to do a ‘core’ upgrade and replace my CPU/Motherboard/RAM and Video Card.

Right now, I’m looking at a Pentium Dual Core E5200 and a Radeon 4670 Video Card, or I could save a little money and get a AMD 5050e with the same Video Card. I'm leaning towards the Pentium because it will give me a little more power down the road.

The last little project I’ve been tackling is making a gear list. I’ve gone through and highlighted all the gear I will need and where I get it from. I’ll be posting on the blog soon, so perhaps it can help you as well.


Azrak said...

I just went through the same basic rebuild just as Wrath released. Not sure what kind of budget you are looking for, but I had really good luck using an E8400 Dual Core and a Gigabyte 4850 graphics card. Just a few options to consider since I just went through this. With those pieces, I pretty much run at a constant 60 fps no matter what's going on in game.

If you want any more details, let me know and I can give you a full list of my build and costs to see if any of it helps.

kevin said...

I am currently (for about a year already) running an intel E8500 and a 8800GT graphics card and i don't have any problems at all (only some reduced framerate in Dalaran sometimes). The E8400 is a lot better price/performance but there wasn't any available at that time :).

These components shouldn't be too expensive anymore and would probably last you quite some time.

Honors Code said...

I looked at the E8400 but it just wasn't in the budget. The E5200 or 5050e is about the best I can do with the budget I've gotten approved by Mrs. Hammer.

Josh said...

Tag, you're it.

Anonymous said...

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