Know Thyself

I'm trying to decide what to do with my Emblems of Valor and Emblems of Heroism. I'm currently sitting on 35 Heroism and 25 Valor.

When you face this decision, you can and should go read all the pick order guides you can find. There's a couple of excellent ones on Tanking Tips. We'll forgive Vene (Tanking Tips author) for being a Red Bar. He writes some very good tanking articles and if you are a serious tank his blog ought to be part of your reading. Just ignore the Warrior specific stuff.

But after you read the guides, and before you go plunk down your pretty Emblems, remember this:
Tank, Know Thyself!

The first thing I'm going to consider when deciding on a piece of 'badge' gear is looking for weak points in my current kit.

As I examine my tanking kit, I can see that I'm weak at the Bracers (Tempered Saronite), Back (Cloak of the Enemy), and Libram (Tome of the Lightbringer, my last piece of tBC gear). My Neck, Boots and Legs would be the next week points after that.

I can get a new Libram and Neck from Emblems of Heroism. I would need just 5 more Emblems to be able to buy both. So buying the Libram of Obstruction goes on the To Do list, as well as getting 5 more Emblems of Heroism for the Chained Military Gorget.

Bracers, Back, Boots and Legs are all from Emblems of Valor. My Bracers and Back are about equally weak. I only have 25 EoV. The question is, do I buy the Platinum Mesh Cloak now or save up for the Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets.

The Bracers are technically BoE, so I could try to find someone with more Emblems than they need and buy it from them. I've got to imagine that would set the ole bank account back a pretty penny though. My outside of raiding options are Normal/Heroic Oculus, Normal Utgarde Pinacle, Heroic Stratholme, and Heroic Old Kingdom. It will probably be easier finding a group for Heroic Strath than Heroic Old Kingdom.

The allure of getting something right now is certainly strong. Of course as soon as I do, something will drop in Naxx, but I really can't worry about that. I need to go into the raid with the best gear available to me.

To Do:
1. Buy Libram of Obstruction
2. Buy Plantium Mesh Cloak
3. Enchant Cloak with Titanweave
4. Hope to get an invite to Naxx-25 tonight


Anonymous said…
I don't know about your server, but for horde on magtheridon, the boe valor bracers sell for approx 3000g. Just so you have something to compare to.
Honors Code said…
We're Low Pop on Altar of Storms, I have yet to ever see the Bracers on the AH.
Kinzlayer said…
I have never seen the Valor BoEs on the AH, usually it's advertised in trade, this is on Horde Cho'gall. Typically it's around 1k-2k gold.
Therigwin said…
For Bracers, just run Old Kingdom Heroic and get these - Bracers of the Herald

Get a good healer and dps, cause the insanity boss can be crazy, but very doable. I got mine after running it 5 times.
BigFire said…
I'm still holding out for better Belt, Boots, and Bracers (hum, all B's). In your case, libram and cloak are best in slot item, so go for it. The Heroic tanking trinket is also fairly decent for the trinket slot. After that, your choice is more limited.
Anonymous said…
There are people on my server who sell the Valor bracers - they actually take orders, so they get the one you want. Some of them advertise in Trade, some on the realm forums. I always read my realm's forums, even though little goes on.

Badge Strategy - I think upgrading your weakest piece is a good approach, to a degree. That said, I also strongly consider just how good the piece I'm getting is. I want it to last, because Valor badges don't come that fast, and since you've just started raiding, Heroism badges are still a limited quantity as well.

One other thing I REALLY consider is the availability of alternatives, particularly from Heroics. I figure I can get any Heroic drop "for free" if I'll just go out there and run them.

Examples: I would feel great buying the Valor Ring, because it's one of the best two in slot (the way I value stats), and you need two rings. It's also not bad for your Ret set, which is a nice plus.

I'm not all that into the stats of the badge bracers. They are fine, but they aren't so much better than the Bracers of the Herald (Heroic Old Kingdom) that I want to spend 60 Valor badges for them.

Valor boots are imho best in slot, so they are an easier purchase to make. If something is best in slot, that means I want it sooner or later, so now's as good a time as any. Better a best-in-slot than something that is merely a stopgap.

As far as Heroism badges, I've no particular thoughts. You're going to drown in those badges sooner or later anyway. I wouldn't be in a hurry to get the neck because there are loads of necks out there between Naxx10 and 25. I've gotten two so far - Amulet of Autopsy and Medallion of the Disgraced. And I've seen Heritage twice in 25, so far.

Just some thoughts - I try to bring all of these elements (my greatest need, prioritizing best in slot pieces, and availability of alternatives) to bear on my badge purchases.

Have a good weekend!


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