Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Man, it's good to be back. I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Years!

I started out last night starting to work on my neglected professions. I've had a very generous guildmate provide me with some materials to work on my Jewelcrafting. For Engineering, I kept all the Crystalized elements I got while leveling, and bought the Cobalt and Saronite bars.

I've been taking it in spurts rather than just try to level 375-450 in one night. Actually, as I've started researching it, it seems professions start to peter out around 440. There is really no reason in the current version of the game to push to 450. The server first Feats of Strength are long past.

I worked my Engineering up to 400 and my Jewelcrafting to 390. Then I got to train one of the Tinkers (Engineering type enchants) called the Hand Mounted Pyro Rocket. Here are a couple of screenshots of it in action.
I don't need another range pull since I have Avengers Shield, but I can use this when Avenger's Shield is on cooldown. It also gives me a single target pull and frees me from needed the Glyph of Avenger's Shield. In 5mans and Heroics I really like the ability to hit 3 mobs with my Shield, but in raids, I often need to just pull the one mob to which I'm assigned.

The only complaint I have about the Hand Mounted Pyro is that is overwrites any enchant on the item. I currently have it on an old pair of gloves (Maiden's to be exact) that I use out soloing.

I really think that Blizzard should allow Engineering tinkers to stack with normal enchants.

I still have a long way to go before I can craft my new goggles.


Josh said...

Does the hand-mounted pyro rocket have a cast time, or is it instant?

Honors Code said...

It's an instant cast with a 1 minute cooldown.

Josh said...

Sweet jumpin' jimminy Jehovah, I'm putting that on my PvP gloves. Yee-ha, pyro to the face as we close the distance!

I don't care if Engineering isn't "optimal," it's still gorram fun. I'm going to have a rocket-launcher on my PvP gloves and nitro-boosts on my boots. Rocket to the face, then a nitro-boosted mace attack!

BigFire said...

i put it on my glove for the ridiculously long range on the rocket. Until 3.0.8 when pally finally get our single taunt/pull, I'm keeping this baby.