To Do Is To Done

1. Buy Libram of Obstruction
2. Buy Plantium Mesh Cloak
3. Enchant Cloak with Titanweave
4. Hope to get an invite to Naxx-25

I logged on and banged out a Heroic Vault of Archavon run. Then I ran over to the Badge Vendors and bought the Libram of Obstruction and the Plantium Mesh Cloak. I found a Guild enchanter and slapped Titanweave on that bad boy. Then I whispered the raid leader that I was available.

Badaboom, badabing. Invite. Thank you, very much.

We had a pretty good run through Naxx25, and knocked out Construct, Military and Spider. I was offtanking most of the night and it was something of a relief to have our regular Main Tank handling the pulls. I could pull my mob off and go to town. For Tanks it was me (Tankadin), a Warrior, and two Feral Druids.

I am still amazed by the threat generation that Ferals can put out, and the seeming invincibility of our very geared Warrior.

I got a chance to tank Baron Rivendare for Four Horsemen. I actually tanked his level 60 form during a Strath run. This was right after the Burning Crusade talents had been released, but before Outland had been opened. This was a little different of course. I had a single Resto Druid assigned to heal me, and he did a great job. We burned down the first horsemen, then the Warrior came over and taunted Rivendare off of me. I ran to the middle to let my stack of Mark of Rivendare fall off, and helped out on the last two horsemen.

For most of the night, the loot followed a particular pattern, Cloth, Mail or Leather and Spell Power Plate.

We did have two Defender's Codes drop. I tried very hard to not let 'purple blind the eye' as I looked at it.

My current Trinkets are Figurine: Monarch Crab, and Sonic Booster. I think that I'd rather have the Valor Medal of the First War rather than Defender's Code. Armor (from Defender's Code) would be nice, but I'd like to increase my avoidance a bit more. 20% Dodge just isn't going to cut it. I think Defender's Code was meant for Druids before the Armor nerf. If I understand it correctly, Druids don't get to apply the Bear Form Armor bonus to armor from Trinkets, Rings, and Necks.

I was fortunate to snag the Bindings of Hapless Prey from Maexxna. They were a guargantuan upgrade to my Tempered Saronite Bracers.

The bracer upgrade brought me up to 28.2k hit points.


Anonymous said…
Imho Defender's Code is still a Druid trinket. I would far rather have the Valor Medal you mentioned or Repelling Charge (which is the anti-Druid trinket - I half think they designed them as yin and yang).

Grats on the bracers and checking off your to-do! Over 28k unbuffed is some good!


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