Friday, January 9, 2009

Working Man

So I got online last night and said to myself, “Self, it’s time to get some upgrades. I can't control what does or doesn't drop, but I can make sure I've got as good of stuff as I can get otherwise. I don’t have any major expenses that I can see coming up so let's go make some people on Altar of Storms rich.”

I got with one of our guilds Blacksmith’s and found out what he would need to fashion up a Titansteel Shield Wall and a pair of Tempered Titansteel Treads for me. This very generous guildy had some of the mats on him and offered to use those mats to make the gear. Did I ever tell you we have some of the most generous/nicest people on the server in Mal Katai?

What was required was some Saronite, Titansteel, and Frozen Orbs. Yes, last night would have been a good night to have that stuff listed, because I was buying. Money was no object.

I met up with my Blacksmith friend at the Great Forge in Ironforge. Being a Dwarf I felt this was very apropos, and a couple of minutes later I had my Shield Wall and Boots.

Of course, I didn’t want to neglect my Retribution set in all this, so I also had a set of Vengeance Bindings made. The mats were fairly cheap and they seemed like a pretty good piece of gear. I'll need to do a little digging to figure what enchant I should put on them.

My next goal was to level up engineering to make my helms. One of the reasons I find Engineering so helpful is that I can craft gear for both of my specs (Ret and Prot). I have conveniently forgotten that the Holy Tree has anything other than Seals of the Pure in it.
Truth be told, I just happen to really enjoy Engineering, even if it isn’t the favored child of the Elitist Jerks crowd. (Tinkers should STILL stack with other Enchants!!)

Anyway, it was off to the Auction House once more to buy more Saronite. I was sitting at 402, so I made a couple of Diamond-cut Refractor Scopes. Then I hammered out a bunch of Saronite Bombs. Then I made some Saronite Arrow Makers. I have no idea if my Hunter can use them yet, but I made them anyway for skill ups.

Last up, I made some Mana Injector Kits. The Mana Injectors work a bit differently in Wrath than they did in Burning Crusade. In Burning Crusade you needed the Potions as part of the mats to make the Injectors, but not in Wrath. You make the Kit and then combine it with 20 Runic Potions to create a Runic Mana Injector. I still think it would be totally cool is the Runic Healing Injector was called a STIM pack instead.

The most annoying part was that I was ferrying back and forth between Stormwind and Borean Tundra to get materials and then to train new skills.

I finally hit 420, about 20 points away from being able to make the goggles, but I could make a Sonic Booster. Hello stamina! If I can get away with it (and I can’t yet), I’ll drop my Defense trinket to use this. Otherwise it will go in place of my Commendation of Kael’thalas.

So I had 3 new pieces of tank gear, and a new piece of Ret gear. I went and bought some material to start working on my Jewelcrafting to catch it up, but I ran out of time and got called into a group. I’ll regale you with that story in my next post.


Adlib said...

I hear ya! I'm only a week into raiding with my guild that started about a month ago (because it took me a month to get to 80-gasp!). I've gotten deep into negative territory with DKP and am finally starting to dig myself out, but I'm really working on the best crafted, PvP, or badge items available to tide me over until drops are favorable for me. It ends up with a lot of gold spent and a lot of time spent farming. (Heck, I had a ring made that is the 3rd best in slot ring behind a ring off Malygos 25 and the Kirin Tor band - 4 dragon's eyes cost me 1100g. I'm in the wrong profession.)

I commend you though. At least I'm not alone trying to do the best I can with what's available. :)

Drazmor said...

I have one day a week where I do all the really boring things in WoW like training up professions and battlegrounds.