Thursday, February 19, 2009

As The Guild Turns

My online life felt like a soap opera since Mal Katai blew up. It turns out that Mal Katai didn’t just split in two like I thought.

A faction of people split off and formed their own guild called Red Headed Step Children. The name was a statement of how they felt they were treated by the Guild. This is where the majority of my WoW friends went.

I had thought this was the only split.

It turns out another faction split off from Mal Katai and formed a guild called Tarmon Gaidon. The name is a reference to the Wheel of Time series.

Yet another faction split off from Mal Katai and was absorbed into a guild called Misery.

I have pretty much tried to lay low this week. Tuesday, I was invited to what was essentially a PuG for Naxx25. It was made up of half Red Heads, and half Tarmon Gaidon. It also had two people in the raid (one being your humble author) who still wore the Mal Katai tag.

We ran 3 tanks. Myself, another Protection Paladin and a Warrior who was Raid Leading and as far as I could tell was Tarmon Gaidon’s Guild Master.

I saw a lot of names and faces who I had been guilded with in the past.

Some of the raid was still in blues (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that), and some of these guys had never been in Naxx25 before, though they had the 10 man version. This group had never run together and some of us were meeting for the first time.

I felt very fortunate to be have been invited, and to have landed a tanking spot. We were running three tanks, which admittedly is probably overkill for Naxx, but it worked out, especially for Patchwerk.

We had about 11 or 12 plate wearers between Death Knights, Warriors and Paladins. Plate DPS gear was going to be hotly contested. Of course, we got a ton of cloth and mail to drop.

We were just doing /roll for loot for your main spec. I passed on most of the tanking drops as I had better in most cases. The one drop that was an upgrade was the Ablative Chitin Girdle, which I lost the roll for. It was funny as all three of the tanks were wearing the exact same Belt, (the Emblem of Heroism belt, Waistguard of Living Iron.)

We cleared Spider and Plague, and one shot all the bosses.

We only had one Priest in the Raid so Military was going to be a little tough. We decided to go to Construct. We had a little trouble with Patchwerk. We started out with the Warrior on Patch and the Paladins on Hatefuls. We lost a Hateful Tank, then another and the whole thing collapsed. So we moved the other Paladin to Patchwerk and moved the Warrior to Hatefuls. My Healers were amazing. I’d take a Hateful, and BAM, I’d be back at full.

We killed Grobulous without much fuss. He seemed to like picking on me for Injection.

Gluth gave us some problems. The Warrior and I were trading off Gluth as our Mortal Would stacks would get to around 3. Our main problem seemed to be the Zombie Chow. In each attempt the Chow would get through, Gluth would chow down and we would end up wiping.

I have never had to kite the Zombie Chow so I don’t know what all is involved. I know we only had a single Hunter in the raid, so only 1 Slowing Trap.

It was getting late so the raid was stopped there. I thought we did quite well all things considered. People who lost rolls on loot tended to ‘gratz’ the guy who won and I didn’t notice any crowing over meters. Everyone seemed pretty laid back, and the atmosphere, at least to me seemed pretty relaxed. I was just happy to be there and to be tanking again.


kyrilean said...

Ironic that the pug raid was so full of former guildies.

Really makes you wonder what causes blow ups sometimes.

Anonymous said...

The merged run was purely out of necessity, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

It was purely out of fun

Galoheart said...

Just reading here. As for guildies quiting the old guild due to issues then mass quiting as a result to various sides I'm never quite sure what to say or think.

I'm never the kind to quit anything nor am I quick to join anything as far as guilds are concerned either. But I think if and when I ever quit a guild it's for my own very personal reasons and absolutely no one elses. Thus I'm not also that easily influenced by others that quit and leave or do so in a mass exedus. I usually come to my own path in the road in my own time and at that point I evaluate and decide my choices on my own.