Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Hit Box

It is wonderful that Blizzard maintains the Official Forums to give their players a place to discuss the game. While solid in their own right, the Official WoW Forums have what I think of as a high low signal to noise ratio. In other words, there is some good information on the Official Forums, but you've got to wade through a morass of inaccuracies, trolling, elitism, and junk posts to find it. You might read one helpful post in 100, and that might be a little generous.

To combat this, small groups of gamers with like interest have banded together to create communities outside the Official Forums. These places usually have a narrow focus, and the moderators of these forums tend to be a little more heavy handed with unproductive posters.

The Tanks started their own small community with Tankspot. Regardless of color of your raid bar, if you like being a Dragon chew toy, you need to be on Tankspot regularly. Protection Paladins have found a home at Maintankadin. Maintankadin posters are the great masters who instructed me, and you can bet your Divine Protection cooldown I'm on that site daily (and a mod to boot).

Those incredible people who actually LIKE to heal (and I love every single one of you) created the excellent community of PlusHeal. You'll find some of the very best healers in the WoW community sharing their strategies and tactics for keeping their raids alive.

Recently launched for the hackers and slashers of the WoW universe, Melee DPS can find a great resource in the Big Hit Box. If you've read the blog for any length of time, you've heard me talk about the excellent work done by Josh on his blog Eye for an Eye for Ret Paladins. Josh aka Cathmor (but you'll always be Baelor to me) is one of the founders of Big Hit Box. With this kind of leadership, I know Big Hit Box will be an excellent place for melee DPS to hang out and share knowledge and experience with each other. I might even figure out how to break 2k DPS when I go Ret.

So go check out Big Hit Box. I highly recommend it.


Dakiros said...

That'd be a low signal to noise ratio. :) High SNR implies lots of good data and little noise.

Josh said...

That's why I chose to go by Josh on my personal blog - Baelor, Cathmor, whatever, just call me by my given name to avoid confusion!

Thanks, as always, for the link love Honors.

Rich said...

Thanks for the love and the link. Any time you or any of your readers are interested in contributing to the Big Hit Box community please drop us a line!

We are looking for regular bloggers to cover Warriors, Blood DK's, and Feral Druids. Plus any and all contributions on the rogue, ret, enhance fronts are welcome.