Monday, February 23, 2009

The End of Mal Katai

I logged on Sunday night and found a message announcing the official end of Mal Katai as a guild. It will disband by the end of the week. None of us knew it, but the blowup last week was like a heart attack to Mal Katai. It hung around for a few days, but ultimately didn’t pull through.

I’d like to thank Dora and Ryken, the Guild Masters of Mal Katai for all the hard work, time and effort they put into making Mal Katai the special place it was. I’m sorry for every time I ever ‘fussed’ at them, complained to them, or wrote negatively about them or the guild in this blog. Whatever it was, it wasn’t worth it, not then, and not today. I was just too blind to see that.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for their leadership and what they built, and they should be very proud of all their accomplishments. I doubt they read the blog anymore but if they do, I’d like them to know that whatever they do, and wherever they go, I wish them nothing but happiness, prosperity and success.

The remaining people who had stayed in Mal Katai are now all finding new guild homes. I will have my own story about that, but that will be its own post.


Anonymous said...

That's a shame. If my guild ever broke up I'd be really sad. You spend a lot of time and effort finding that perfect place. I've been playing since Sep 07 and only found the perfect guild within the last year. Good luck on your new guild search

Wukki said...

I hope your guild search goes well, and I am sorry that a place you called home was destroyed. :(