Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guild Indecision

Yes, I’ve seen the 3.1 Patch notes. I’ll comment on them in a couple of weeks but we are still very early in the PTR cycle. Blizzard has even stated we don’t have all the patch notes just yet, so I’m going to wait before I post on them.

I had given myself the deadline of 7pm yesterday to make a decision on which guild I was going to join. After some deliberation with myself, I requested and then graciously gave myself an extension to tonight to make a decision.

I know I haven’t handled the situation well.

Sunday night, when I logged in, I saw the Guild Message of the Day stating that everyone needed to start finding new homes. I was shocked, disappointed and saddened. I watched as toon after toon began to gquit and my emotions grew. Finally, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and gquit myself. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have gquit until I knew where I was going.

I would later learn of a Warlock who has said he will stay in Mal Katai until it disbands or the GM kicks him, he will not gquit. I wish I had done that.

Up to that point, I had thought my choice was between staying in Mal Katai and trying to help them rebuild, or going to the one splinter group (Red Heads) that had a ton of my WoW friends in it.

I had also been talking to my old, old guild of Heroes Inc. That was the guild I transferred to AoS to join about 2 months before Burning Crusade hit. The issue with Heroes was that they raided on a night I couldn’t. Their raid leader was talking to his team to change their days. He wasn’t online at that point Sunday night (apparently I had just missed him). We were continuing our joint 25 man with Tarmon Gaidon, so I didn’t have time to go check the other server I knew he played on.

I guess my friends saw me guildless and decided to throw me an invite. Rather than fess up that I was actually still choosing between Heroes and the Red Heads, I just accepted the invite. That was not real bright.

Of course, right after the raid, I find out that Heroes will rework their schedule, so now the choice was truly in play.

I was invited to a Naxx10 with Red Heads and told their Guild Leader about the Heroes offer in whispers. It was during this Naxx I learned that Sapphiron has a 15 minute enrage timer. Yes, it's because we hit it. We lost 3 DPS early in an air phase and kept banging away.

Now I owe it to both guilds to make a timely decision. No more extensions.

I really envy those people who look at a situation, analyze and make a decision fully confident in themselves and never look back. That is not me.

My basic problem is that I’m a people pleaser. I try to make everyone around me happy. In this case, it’s a practical impossibility.

As selfish as it sounds, I have to choose what I think is the best course of action for me. I just hate the fact it’s going to hurt feelings or disappoint one group or the other.


Josh said...

I say keep your hunter on the server, alt it up on AoS when you want to talk/play with the friends you have there, and actively seek out a guild that has appropriate raid times for you on another server.

Elleiras said...

I really feel for you on this one. I tend to be the same way when it comes to making important decisions, especially when I know that other people will be affected by my choices.

From an outsider's perspective, it seems to me that this is a choice between two playstyles and not necessarily two different groups of people. Do you prefer the intimacy of running a 10-man raid with a small, close-knit group? Or the excitement (and all of the attendant frustrations) of a 25-man raid?

Once you decide, you can couch it in those terms, so it will seem like less of a personal rejection to whatever guild you don't choose. :)

Good luck!

Aleathea said...

Honors, I have followed your blog for a while now and remember a few months ago when you were struggling with the choice between rejoining your old guild and forming a new one.

As in that case, I don't think there is a "right" or "wrong" choice here. You've done a great job logically weighing the pros and cons of each, but in the end, there are no guarantees. There can't be, because a guild is made up of people who are constantly changing ... as you well know.

I can imagine how difficult this decision is for you. I know I would feel the same in your situation. But, I hope you recognize that it is a testament to the way you have conducted yourself during these last few weeks that so many good people want you to be a part of their team. Don't be too hard on yourself about how you've handled the situation thus far. It's always easy to look back and feel that you could have done better.

You can face this decision with confidance knowing that, regardless of your choice, you have many friends who respect you and many adventures left to share with us, your readers.


kyrilean said...

I feel for you. I've been wishy-washy about the whole gquit/server transfer thing for a while now. I finally made a decision to stick it out a little longer, but still wonder if I made the right decision.

Hope whatever you choose makes you happiest in the long run. As one officer put it to me, it's a game and first and foremost you need to be happy.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

man, it sucks that MK died some good players and most important good people, i know u prolly are not thinking about this but u know Dominion's doors are always open for u my friend.

whatever decision u take i'd would look for the place that u are gonna enjoy the game more, it doesnt matter if its doing 25's or 10's as long as u are having fun with people u like to play the game


cryptfiend said...

I went through the same feelings when my guild broke up. I don't think you're better off saying in a slowly decaying guild so I wouldn't sweat it. Put your feelers out, talk to a few people. It could be the start of something good to come.

-- The Crypt Fiend

Honors Code said...


Thank you for the generous offer. It's nice to know I still have friends across the server. Say Hi to Lady and the gang for me.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that you would be best off in Heroes. While red heads might have friends of yours...you have referenced Heroes many times over the months as well, so they obviously hold a high spot in your memory too.

Add in that you like seeing new content and progressing, and I think its a no brainer. Hitting an enrage on Saph is especially ugly since its usually so much of a nonfactor that people don't even mention it. I actually have to applaud your healers in that situation for somehow still having mana at that point.

Anonymous said...

all the guys are a lil sad for what happened but they are happy to know ur greetings, i brought it up during our raid yesterday and people started saying good things about u inmediatly

and of course i'll be around if i can help u in something, u are one of the reasons why i started to get my prot set on my alt pally and been a follower since u first joined Dominion

and thanks to that now that dual spec comes out im still wondering what 2 specs should do since i like doing the 3 on the pally, i might actually switch my pally as my main