Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Malygos Audible To Vault

The plan last night was to start work on Malygos-25.

I quested around Borean Tundra abit working on my Loremaster of Northrend. My plan had been to be online, at the stone, and I was going to be the first person there. I had no clue if I'd get an invite or not, but I was going to make sure I was doing everything I could control. The actual invites are not in my control.

The Officers were not satisfied with the group they could form out of those available online, so they decided to call the raid.

This kind of thing would have really upset up back in tBC, but it didn't seem to bother me a great deal last night. We'll get there eventually, or we won't, and I'll tank Malygos in a 10 man at some point.

Wintergrasp was about to start when we called the raid so we headed over there to fight the Horde. On my server, you never do Wintergrasp without at least a 3 stack of Tenacity. I've had it as high as 6 or 7 at times. (In case you don't know, Tenacity is a buff that the faction that is outnumbered receives to try to even things out).

We actually won Wintergrasp which is fairly rare on Altar of Storms. Mal Katai's Main Prot Warrior put together a raid for Heroic Archavon. We were a little short on people so I messaged my buddy Lakini (Boomkin) to see if anyone in Heroes Inc wanted to go. Heroes Inc players are really good, but they don't do 25 mans so they don't have many chances to get Emblems of Valor.

Lakini was the only one that came and I had to promise him it would be a quick run with no wipes. We had to PuG a couple to fill out the raid. What was super cool was one of the PuGs was my old buddy Raydz who had transferred off AoS. He was on his Priest alt. Then we had this Death Knight who kept asking us to please, please, please not invite any more Death Knights to the raid. I thought it was kind of funny.

Our Main Prot Warrior's name is Cryak. He's a really cool guy and a very good tank. We also had Leejenkins who is a Protection Paladin and an alt of a good buddy of mine. Cryak decided to let Lee and me handle the tanking.

Predictably, with about half the raid inside someone starts suggesting we clear the trash while we wait.

We go ahead and pull and we lose Lee. I quickly explained to him about the debuff and how we had to taunt off each other. If you are not aware the trash put a debuff on the current tank that makes them take much more damage. When the debuff is applied the tank is knocked back. That's the cue for the other tank to taunt it off. Some groups with very high DPS can actually DPS the trash mob down before it does the debuff. Your mileage may vary.

The rest of the trash died quickly and without fuss.

Cryak puts me on Archavon and Lee as Offtank. I did my best to kite Archavon out of the clouds he drops on the ground. The problem is Archavon isn't always targeting the tank. If he's channelling the little spike throw, he's just going to stand there and do it.

Just as we pull we get two people disconnected. We keep going since we've already engaged, but we ended up wiping at 1% due to the Enrage Timer.

We pugged a Warlock to fill the last spot, and got him the second time. I had to tell Lakini, well, almost no wipes. He didn't seem too upset, and was top 3 DPS (at least according to my Recount).

I snagged my Emblems, but there weren't any Paladin drops. I would only roll on a Protection PVE or Ret PVE/PVP piece that dropped unless none of the other Paladins needed it. A Death Knight piece dropped which made our one and only Death Knight very happy. We also got a Warrior drop and a Clothie drop but I don't remember which one.

Blizzard has announced that there will be a new boss in the Vault of Archavon in 3.1. I'm betting he's going to be a little tougher and probably not as 'PuG Friendly'.


Ragar said...

Hopefully whatever they put in the next Vault has a little more build-up than, "This guy has shiny things. You like shiny things, so go take his." I mean, I'm all for fighting golems and dragons and all that, but it doesn't hurt to have some ratonale for all of the pillaging.

Lakini said...

Sorry for the kill and hearth, I was late for Naxx and hadn't specced for pve yet (not having eclipse is bad).

Thanks for the invite got my 24th and 25th emblems for my ring.