Friday, February 13, 2009


The last time I did a 'Guild' post as back in late November. No one has been happier than me that I haven't had much to say about my guild. But here I am again.

Last night, I knew I was going to be late for the raid. My wife's best friend lost her father and we were going to the wake to give our condolences to her. I left a message on my guild's message boards so they would know what's up.

When I get online, I find that my guild has basically split in two. After talking with some of the guys that left, it seems there had been a growing schism between members of the guild, and last night was something of a final straw. Unfortunately, the Guild Leader of my guild didn't log in until the argument had gone all the way through officer chat to open guild chat and right out in to Trade.

The net effect was about 90% of the people that I have enjoyed spending my time with online, including everyone I had been in Naxx10 with the night before, left Mal Katai last night to form their own guild. UGH!

Basically, they told me they'd be happy to have me, but they weren't going to exert any pressure on me to change guilds.

A newly formed guild has it's appeal and also it's dangers. It's going to be an interesting couple of days.


Darraxus said...

Good luck. I would say go where your friends are.

Adlib said...

Wow. Sounds familiar. I went through a similar thing, but it was a somewhat organized break up. Having picked sides prior to the split, I already knew where I was going. I know it's a game, but I'm sure each side has it's valid points for splitting. Just attempt to stay out of the drama and see what the new guild has to say as far as their structure and stuff, and hopefully you end up where you are happiest. Hopefully there won't be too many hurt feelings or bad blood like in a lot of guild splits. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling with the last part of your post. In addition to that...I don't necessarily have any more problems with the people still in mal katai than I do with the people in the new guild. I'm pretty much just gonna follow my friends and if that still isn't a good situation I'll just go guildless for a while lol.

Burntpepperoni said...

Well, I know what this is like, and I do not envy you. Make sure the decision you make is the best one for YOU.

Good luck.

Ashuna said...

While not going in to specifics, could you say what caused the split?

1 - Philosphical differences?

Loot Rules, Raid Requirements, 10 vs 25 man content

2 - Personal differences?

Personality conflicts, etc.

3 - Scheduling conflicts?

Raid Start times or duration?

I ask, because from reading your blog it seemed like Mal Katai was in really good shape.

Honors Code said...

With a very large caveat of "I could be wrong", I'll try to answer your question.

I think it was a philisophical difference. If you look at who is in the two groups you see it break down pretty quick.

The group that stayed is predominately young college students. Very good players, maybe a bit cocky and a bit less accepting of lesser players.

While the group that broke off is characterized by older gamers who have significant outside of game responsibilities. They basically want to just log in after a hard day at work or whatever, hang out on vent, maybe kill some bosses and have fun.

You could really see the differences after a wipe. Some people were very antsy, while others were almost nonchalant.

Anonymous said...

Count your lucky stars that you were offline, doing something important in the REAL world while all this was going on.

Sounds like you'd fit in better with the group that left, but only you know what's best for you. I would carefully decide who I was a better fit with before making my decision, and I wouldn't give any weight to which group had the name Mal Katai. Btw, what's the new guild called? Guild names are of interest to me.


paul said...

I went through a very similar event twice in my WOW 'career' so far. The first time, I left the main guild with my friends. It seemed obvious to me that I should choose to go with the people with whom I grouped so often. The problem is that this new guild eventually fizzled out after some early success. I found myself a man without a country so to speak. Fortunately the old guild took me back without any issues.

It happened again very recently and this time I decided to stay with the main guild. I truly miss a lot of the people that left but I don't think they really thought they're decision through and I can honestly say I don't see them existing as a guild by this time next year.

It's just something to think about.

Hana said...

Sorry to hear what happened. I went through something similar back in the beginning of TBC. The guild I'd been with for almost a year just suddenly imploded and nearly everyone I liked playing with left for another guild. I hate changing guilds, but I ended up following them.

The new guild was not without its problems (and ultimately didn't last), but I don't regret switching. I met new people through the new guild and they're now among my closest in-game friends. I had never understood why some folks like hanging out in vent together even when they're not raiding until I met these people, so in the end it turned out to be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The new guilds temp name was *Red headed step children* as a statment as to how we felt.
It was a matter of fairness to the folks we game with..being nice to people who are not the highest dps or the best players but are very good people.

I would rather wipe all night with friends then clear everything in one night and wish I was else where.

I have nothing bad to say about MK our the majority of its current members..but it was time.


Anonymous said...

I hope the new guild works out ok, its been my experiance that unless there is a strong leader, it will start off strong but fizzle out in about 3 to 6 months. As for the old guild I would have to agree that if you dont have fun playing/raiding with them, than I would still take the chance and make the switch. In the end this is just a game and if your not having fun, whats the use of playing. I would ask myself what am I playing for? If its end game content and gear than stay with what sounds like will become a strong raiding guild. If its for your friends and fun make the jump. This is a very difficult choice and I would give it a couple of days to play out before make any changes. good luck and will be waiting to hear your choice!

Drazmor said...

Damn. So basically it broke down to Mal Katai having a casual raid guild element and a slightly more 'hardcore' element.

Honors Code said...

I guess you could say that as much as I dislike to use the words Casual and Hardcore. They really mean very different things to different people.

Anonymous said...

The guild fell apart due to many of the top officers not being online much lately and it falling apart under the poor leadership of the officer that was on.

I really don't see how running 25 man naxx on Thursday would be such a shock, guild message or no, as it was run that time and day every week. a 10 man run of naxx on alts really more important than 25 man on mains?

And no, I'm not one of the "evil" people that transferred over from Alterac Mountains.