Thursday, February 26, 2009

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

If you haven't seen slashhug's post on Dual Spec's you really should take a moment and check it out. It's fantastic. Link love incoming:

Tuesday night was decision night for Honorshammer. I whispered Salvation's GM and told him I was going to take the Heroes offer. Then I told the officers.

It was pretty much what I had expected. People were disappointed, and saddened by my decision. I had wanted to avoid that, but it just wasn't possible. I still consider all those guys friends and would help them out in any way possible. I hope they know that.

I was feeling pretty low myself so I fired up the engines in the Gyrocopter and headed out to Storm Peaks to work on my Son Of Hodir rep. I've joked to a friend of mine that I'm going to hate the Sons of the Hodir by the time they love me (exalted).

Not long after I got out to Dun Niffelum, something completely unexpected happened. I got a whisper from a Hunter that I had raided with during my time in the guild, Dominion. He wanted to say 'Hi' and let know that if I needed a guild home, there would be a spot for me in Dominion. That was followed up by a Shaman, a Priest and a Warlock from Dominion with the same message.

That made me feel better. Here was another guild that I had spent months with raiding saying they'd be glad to have me back. It's kind of like all your former employers calling to tell you they'd take you back if you needed a job. It validated to me that I must have been a pretty decent player, and an okay guy to get along with.

I thanked them for their offer, but let them know I already had the guild situation worked out.

I messaged Heroes Inc co-GM and Raid Leader and got the invite.

It's been a long, strange trip, but once more, Heroes Inc, was under Honorshammer's name. There were cheers as people realized that I had returned to Heroes. Most thought it was my Hunter, Honorshummer, and it took them a second to realize that it was actually me aka Honorhammer. As much sadness as my decision had caused Salvation, there was equal joy caused in Heroes.

Heroes Inc was the guild that I transferred to Altar of Storms to join. At the time, I was level 60, and a full time Holy Paladin raiding Zul'Gurub, An'Quiraq 20 and Molten Core on Dark Iron. Dark Iron was a West Coast server and most of the guilds there ran West Coast times. Generally starting their raids around 10pm EST and finishing up around 1am EST. That wasn't going to work long term.

I don't remember the timeline exactly, but Blizzard had published the new Burning Crusade talent trees, because I indicated a desire to try out this newfangled Paladin Tanking thing when 2.0 hit and we got our new talents.

Heroes Inc was the guild that I would learn to tank with in Upper Black Rock Spire and Zul'Gurub.

So you could say I've got a history with these guys. Every other time I've changed I've been in control of the situation, leaving an established guild. This time was different in that the guild fell out from below me. It was my full intention that Mal Katai was going to be the last guild I would be in. Now that is my plan for Heroes, but as I learned over the past couple of weeks, you never know what your future will hold.

Well I'm in the guild, might as well start running stuff. Ellevis, the Co-GM/Raid Leader of Heroes Team 1, and a former Shaman turned Death Knight, helped me put together a group to run some Heroics.

First up was The Old Kingdom which happened to be the last dungeon I needed for my Northrend Dungeon Master achievement. Then we knocked out Azjol-Nerub, and finished the night off with Gundrak.

So my decision is made, the die is cast. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. If I never have to make another 'Guild' post again for the rest of the life of this blog, I'll be a happy camper.


Steven said...

Here, here!

I hope you get your wish sir.

As a person who has been in 1 guild since Dec 2004, we technically 2 as we changed our name when we merged with another guild. I could not imagine what I would do with my stable of toons if TK Closed up shop.

But as we have now gone through no less than 3 major schisms, 4 GMs (the latest being... ME), and the fact that we are still raiding and people keep coming back, I guess we must be doing SOMETHING right ;)

Congrats on your choice and best wishes to you.

Skarlarth and Co.
GM The Kaldorei

Ken said...

Good luck! I personally have been in the same guild for 2 different games. I used to play Shadowbane with Hawks Talons, and most of them switched to WoW, and eventually convinced me to. We are fairly small, only able to do 10 man raids, but we are growing and hopefully in the near future we can put a 25 man together.

I would never leave Hawks for a chance to raid more, as I play this game for the people and not the content or loot. I've even been given the Raid Assist status recently for my work at heading up heroics.

Ofn said...

Welcome (back) to Heroes Inc., Honors! And welcome to "We Stand in Red Circles" or "Blame Canada" or whatever the name of our raid team is this week. :-)