Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Building The Offset (Part 3 - DPS)

Yesterday we looked at some ‘failsafe’ options for DPSers to build a pretty decent Tank set. Today we are going to turn the tables and look at some ‘failsafe’ options for a Tank to build a pretty decent DPS set.

Your big minimum as DPS is Hit, but even that is overshadowed by Strength. You need to reach about 8% Hit, but don’t sacrifice too much Strength to get there. You also need Expertise, Crit, Haste and Armor Penetration. You will actually find Strength, Hit, and Expertise on some Tanking gear, but it’s the Crit, Haste and Armor Penetration that really makes it DPS gear.

You are going to see quite a bit of PVP gear on this list. Keep in mind that most of the PVP gear will get outperformed by PVE gear, but you may need a Heroic drop or Raiddrop to surpass the PVP item. If you don’t PVP, or don’t feel you can reach the necessary rating, as is my case, you can ignore those pieces.

Spiked Titansteel Helm (Crafted BoE = Gold) - This helm will not be replaced until Raiding.
Deadly Helm (PVP)
Titan-forged Plate Helm of Triumph (40 Wintergrasp Marks of Honor)
Hateful Helm (45 EoV or PVP)
Helm of Command (BoE = Gold)
Faceguard of Punsihment (Quest: Vengeance Be Mine!) – This helm could actually be used for both Tanking and DPS

Deadly Gladiator Pendant of Victory (PVP)
Pendant of the Outcast Hero – (EoH) – This item and the PVP are very close in performance and generally outperform Heroic drops.
Titanium Impact Choker (Crafted BoE = Gold)The Severed Noose of Westwind (Quest:The Admiral Revealed)

Teir 7.5 DPS Shoulders (60 EoV)
Deadly Shoulders (PVP)
Hateful Shoulders (30 EoV)
Spaulders of the Giant Lords (Sons Of Hodir Revered) – Only one Heroic drop will outperform these
Mantle of Volkhan (Quest - Diameterically Opposed)

Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak (25 EoV) – This won’t be replaced until Raids
Deadly Gladiator Cloak of Victory (PVP)
Cloak of Bloodied Waters (World BoE = gold) – Pretty much better than most Heoric drops and Capes are a very competitive slot
Hateful Gladiator Cloak of Victory (PVP)
Ice Striker’s Cloak (Crafted BoE = Gold)

Tier 7 DPS Chest (80 EoH)
Deadly Chest (PVP)
Hateful Chest (45 EoV)
Savage Chest (PVP)
Battleplate of Unheard Ovation (Quest – Battle at Vahallas) – Both this and Jagged Stone should be upgraded in Heroics
Breastplate of Jagged Stone (Quest – Whatever It Takes)

Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress (BoE or 60 EoV)
Vengenace Bindings (Crafted BoE = Gold) – This will not be replaced until Raids
Deadly Gladiator Bracers of Triumph (PVP)
Hateful Gladiator Bracers of Triumph (PVP)

Zeliek’s Guantlets (World BoE = Gold) – You’ve got to be extremely lucky or rich or both to get these.
Tier 7 DPS Gloves (60 EoH)
Hateful Gauntlets (30 EoV)
Gauntlets of the Culling (Quest – A Royal Escort) – You’re set until you can get an epic.

Verdungo's Barbarian Cord (40 EoH)
Deadly Gladiator Girdle of Triumph (PVP)
Hateful Gladiator Girdle of Triumph (PVP)
Thorim’s Grasp (Quest) – Try to get this upgraded as soon as you can.

Tier 7.5 DPS Legs (75 EoV)
Deadly Legs (PVP)
Hateful Legs (PVP or 45 EoV)
Legpaltes of Bloody Reprisal (Wyrmrest Accord Exalted)
Plated Legs of the Unholy (Quest – The Rider of the Unholy)

Iron Spring Jumpers (World BoE) – Again, either be lucky or very, very rich
Bladed Steelboots (40 EoV)
Death Insured Sabatons (Ebon Blade Exalted)
Deadly Gladiator’s Greves of Triumph (PVP)
Titan-forged Greaves of Triumph (Wintergrasp Marks of Honor)
Spiked Titansteel Treads (Crafted BoE = Gold)

Ring of Invincibiltiy (25 EoV)
Ring of the Kirin Tor ($$$$)
Ring of Scarlet Shadows (Crafted BoE = Gold)
Deadly Gladiator’s Band of Victory (PVP)
Titanium Impact Ring (Crafted BoE = Gold)
Signet of the Bridenbrad (Quest – Light Within The Darkness)
Stained Glass Shard Ring (World BoE = Gold)

Mirror of Truth (40 EoH)
Darkmoon Card: Greatness (Quest: Nobles Deck.) You need to buy the Noble Cards which are very, very expensive. The Strength version is an incredible for most DPS classes and it doubles as a really nice Tanking Trinket.
Crusader’s Locket (Quest – Defending the Vanguard)

Deadly Gladiator’s Bonegrinder (PVP) – I wish much success should you be able to acquire this and I further wish never to find you on the opposing team in a Battleground.
Titansteel Destroyer (Crafted BoE = Gold) – Pretty much the equal to any heroic or 10 man drop.
Runeblade of Demonstrable Power (Ebon Blade – Revered)
Argent Skeleton Crusher (Argent Crusade – Revered)
Whale Stick Harpoon (Kalu’ak – Revered)
Bloodied Arcanite Reaper (Hierloom BoA Item)
De-Raged Waraxe (Quest – Champion of Anquish) – Actually not too bad for a starter weapon until you can afford the Titansteel Destroyer

Ranged Slot
Paladin – Venture Company Libram of Retribution – Someone at Blizzard actually got paid to come up with this name.
Warrior – DPS Gun


BigFire said...

Honerhammer, why does your gearing up shopping list including gears that requires EoV when EoV is only available currently at 25 man raid? Especially when this list is mostly for pre-raiding?

Honors Code said...

The reason is I'm approaching it from the standpoint of someone building an offset who may have 'extra' EoV or EoH to spend.

Ian said...

Zeliek's Gauntlets are not World BoE. They're BoE loot from 25 man Four Horsemen in Naxx.