Friday, March 20, 2009

I May Never Zone Into Storm Peaks Again

After what seemed like an eternity, Honorshammer finally got Exalted with Sons Of Hodir. I upgraded my shoulder enchants, and bought the Smooth Autumn's Glow pattern.

Doing SoH Dailies on Altar of Storms is a bit of challenge. For the most part, the Horde and Alliance leave each other alone. Everyone just wants to get their dailies done and get back to whatever it is they really want to be doing.

Every now and again, you'll get an ambitious Rogue or Death Knight who will decided they want to engage in some PVP. Given the population imbalance on Altar of Storms, this is almost always a Horde Rogue or Death Knight. Usually a couple of Alliance will team up (or gang up depending on which side of the Faction fence you sit) to take on the Horde. Invariably, he will this is 'unfair' and call for help for the 'ganking Alliance'.

My personal favorite PVP encounter was deep in the cave where you get the oil for Polishing the Helm. I was fighting a blob and two worms when a Rogue destealthed and started wailing on me. I had the good sense to switch to Retribution Aura when I saw him in the cave, so at least that was on. I managed to kill the mobs I was fighting and use Divine Shield to get to a little nook towards the back of the cave and heal up. I was doing this to limited the amount of exposure my back had to the now stealthed Rogue.

Most Rogues I've met have not wanted to engage in combat with me. It's not that Rogues can't kill me, they can, it's just I'm sort of like tough meat. You can get it down, but it's more work than you want to do.

This Rogue was fairly skilled in that he managed to get behind me, even with the small space we had to work with. The battle was fairly even and we were both getting low. I solo in my Block Value set (Block Capped, 1500 Block Value, about 1700 Block Value when the Libram procs). With Holy Shield up, I was getting plenty of fully blocked hits.

He disappeared and a I dropped a Consecrate. I probably had less than 2k hit points at that point, definitely in Ardent Defender range. The fight lasted long enough for me to get off two Hammer of Wraths before he went down. I looted the last oil I needed and proceed to head out.

He came back with a Shaman friend. I had what I needed so I pulled the ole Bubble Hearth on him. Thank the maker for the cooldown reduction from Sacred Duty.

There's no achievement for getting exalted with Sons like there is for Wyrmrest, Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade.

Speaking of which, now that I'm exalted with Wyrmrest and Sons, my next target is Ebon Blade for the Retribution boots.

As far as my professions, I'm still taking a wait and see approach. I'd love for Blizzard to buff Engineering some more. I won't be going Blacksmithing. One of the big reasons I want to change my professions if I'm double Production right now (Engineering/JC), and I think it would be better for me financially to be Gatherer/Production (Mine/JC).

I'm still in a 'Wait and See' mode.

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Darraxus said...

So I take it you arent going to Ulduar then? ;)