Thursday, March 19, 2009

[PTR} Ulduar and the Paladin Tank (Part Deux)

So after a little more information has come out it seems that my two major concerns with Ulduar are relatively moot at this point.

General Vezaxs' Aura of Dispair (no mana for you!) will at least allow Spiritual Attunement to work partially. As hard as he's hitting on the PTR, I think even with it working partially, it will be enough to keep me going with a full threat rotation. In addition, they've added a melee attack slow which hurts Warriors, Druids and Death Knights far more than it hurts Paladins.

Secondly, Auriaya’s Horrifying Screech is now a Horrify making all tanks equally susceptible to it.

This is the danger about posting about a PTR, the Developers can and will change things on you.

I no longer feel the color of my raid frame will have any impact on my team's ability to defeat these encounters.

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