Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Really, What Were They Doing?

I logged into WoW about an hour before our Sarth3D attempts were supposed to start. So I decided to portal over to Exodar. I’ve been knocking out lowbie quests in the Draenai starting area.

This is an extraordinarily time efficient way to work on several achievements at once: the Explorer, the LoreMaster, and the Ambassador.

I do my best to not intrude on people leveling. If I see a lowbie going for a quest mob, I’ll wait, or offer to group with them. I try minimizing my use of AoE spells so I don’t kill anymore quest mobs than I have to, and leave plenty alive for the lowbies leveling.

I’m starting with Draenai quests because that’s the home city reputation that is the lowest, and conveniently, they are on Kalimdor where I need the most quests for Loremaster. In addition, it’s an area of the map I’ve never explored.

Imagine my surprise when I see the Local Defense channel start squawking that Odysseys’ Landing was under attack. Now I play on a PVP server, but even on a PVP server, you aren’t flagged for PVP until you reach the level 20 zones like Ashenvale, Hillsbrad, Duskwood, and Thousand Needles. Until that time, it works much like a PVE server.

I mounted up and rode over to Odysseys’ Landing. What I found when I got there was a Death Knight, Hunter, and Warrior, all between the mid 50s and early 60s. They were killing the level 8 Alliance Footmen in the area.

Boy, did you guys pick a bad time to do this.

In short order all 3 were dead. When they rezzed, I did the /shoo emote to them. If I had been able to talk to them, I would have told them to “Leave Azuremyst Isle and never return!” I typed "leave" in /say hoping they would understand. It would have just looked my gobbledygook on their screen.

They didn’t seem to ‘get the message’, but instead ran over to where new Draenai players spawn into the world at level 1, and attacked the guards there. I’m not sure why they thought I’d be okay with them killing guards there when I wasn’t too keen on them killing guards at Odysseys’ Landing. I kept waiting for a Level 80 Horde Druid or Rogue to destealth and kill me once I flagged myself by engaging them. It never happened.

So they had another trip to the graveyard. They mounted up and started riding all over the island. Okay, I get it now; they are just working on their Explorer achievement. I followed them around to make sure they didn’t go killing quest givers. If they just wanted the achievement, I wasn’t going to stop them. After a couple of minutes, they stopped and headed back to the starting area. They hadn't cover even half the island to open up all the zones for Explorer.

Okay, so you aren’t here for achievements.

They kept emoting at me. My favorite was the guy who emoted /beg (player x begs you, how pathetic). I have no remorse for killing someone much lower level than me, when you’ve come to an area much lower level than you. Obviously a ‘fair fight’ isn’t what you were interested in.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they had come all the way out to Azuremyst. What were they after?

When we got back to the starting area, I dismounted and parked myself right next to the quest givers. I unsheathed my weapons and went into a ‘ready’ posture. I didn’t want to endlessly camp them, but I wanted them to know if they laid a finger on a quest giver, I’d respond with disproportionate force.

There was something that felt very right, something that appealed to what drew me to be a Paladin in the first place. Here I was, defending the weak and the helpless, the only thing standing between the entire area and destruction at the hands of these three Horde.

What I really wanted to see was them Hearth out. I guess I should have endlessly camped them if that’s the result I wanted.

Instead, they used the Death Knight water walking thing to walk out into the ocean. I lost sight of them not long after the water dismounted me.

I waited a couple of minutes and then took my summon for Sarth.


Jason Beebe said...

Haha, that's a great story. Sometimes, I wish I was on a PVP server.

Rob said...

result would have been the same on a pve server. Once you start killing guards you're pretty much fair game

Ironhorn said...


It doesnt matter if youre on a PvP server or not. If you attack opposite faction questgivers you flag for PvP.


Yeah these types of asshat exist in both factions on all servers. Ive seen bored 12 year olds ganking questgivers in all Horde starting areas. They generally leave when 10 people log their main and they realise theyre not dealing with brand new players. Or log out in the zone so they can grief later.

You'll get to know why many Horde hate the Alliance so much when you get your blood elf alt to the crossroads.

Pallymar said...


Anonymous said...

Horde go there sometimes to kill the blood elf bandits for their masks... but doesn't sound like that's what they were there for

Edyion said...

I've had nights like that before on the Horde side. Never could figure out what's funnier about it, the fact a player would waste the time to grief low levels or the fact there are low levels dumb enough to think they can fight back. I have seeing a call to arms soooo many times in the barrens its not funny. "If we all band together we could take him." No, no you can't. :)

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Honors! Who knows what they were thinking...


Anonymous said...

That's a nice thing about a PvE server. I've seen similar strange activity in Westfall from Horde (killing the questgivers & flightpoints). On a PvE server you can then simply logon to a horde character and ask them "Why?".

For the time I asked, it was simply being bored. (They called killing guards "raiding" by the way.)