Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Salute to BRK

BigRedKitty has called it quits on WoW and Blogging and after reading his goodbye post, I agree with his decision 1000%.

All of us have to be cognisant of the place WoW holds in our lives and we need to maintain a balance. My Dad always made an analogy to juggling balls. The more things you add to your life, the harder it is to juggle all those balls. Eventually, BRK decided that he had to let the WoW and Blog 'balls' drop, so he could keep other balls like his marriage and his children spinning.

If I ever got the impression my WoW time, or Blogging time was having a negative impact on my marriage, or my time with my daughter, I'd be gone in a skinny minute.

BRK was one of the first WoW Blogs that I read, and it was a big part of why I got into Blogging in the first place. He had a way of making it sound like he was having so much fun playing his Hunter, and he was helping others who enjoyed the class as well.

I wanted to do something like that for Protection Paladins, and while I know I'm not the blogger that BRK is, I like to think that I've showed people that Tankadins are fun to play, and helped a couple of people out along the way.

In addition to Blogging, BRK is also a big part of why my highest level alt is a Hunter.

I'm going to miss reading BRK. He was a fantastic blogger and Hunter and the community has lost a great voice.


Galoheart said...

/Salute in a huge way!

Nothing more to add.

Anonymous said...

BRK is the Greatest Of All Time. I hope we hear from him again sometime in the future.