Monday, March 23, 2009

This Is Not A Hunter Blog

Yet most of my playtime this weekend, I played my Hunter. I got him up to level 77 and purchased his Cold Weather Flying. I discovered that you can in fact buy Cold Weather Flying before you buy the epic flying, and fly really slowly around Northrend. Still being able to fly is a huge boon to questing.

Recently, I changed him from Beast Master over to Survival. I had never had him as anything but Beast Master. I have to say, I am really enjoying being Survival.

As soon as I saw talents like Survivalist (increase your Stamina by up to 10%) and Hunter Versus Wild (30% of your Stamina is converted to Attack Power), I started to think this tree might fit my 'tank' and 'defensive' mindsets a little better. I totally loved the fact that I could grant myself replenishment. Additionally, I really liked the added Crowd Control options with Shatter Shot and Wyvern Sting.

I would come to appreciate those CC options as I ripped mobs off my pet much faster than I did when I was Beast Mastery. Of course it didn't help that my highest level pet had been my Devilsaur (Grimlock) who I couldn't use anymore.

I tried out a Moth, and a Wasp, but I didn't like the results I was getting. I tried out a Wind Serpent to get a feel for Cunning Pets and Roar of Recovery. Roar of Recovery (pet gives you mana) is on too long of a cooldown and restores too little mana to make much of a difference.

Then I remembered seeing some beautiful Lions in the Barrens when I was playing on my Horde Shaman. They reminded me of Aslan, the hero of the Chronicles of Narnia.

So I took my Hunter out to the Barrens and tamed one. Aslan has been at my side since.

With my new pet in tow I started questing in Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills.

The shot rotation seems to be much more varied, and you have more arrows in your quiver so to speak. I'm using Serpent Sting, Aimed Shot, Explosive Shot, Steady Shot and of course my Autos are going off. I'm trapping mobs, sleeping mobs, and stunning them with Scatter shot. It's a very fun spec to play. I'm sure the damage will come as I learn all the ins and outs of playing it.

(This is NOT a reroll. He's an ALT. I just took a break from shield bashing for a couple of days. We'll return to our regularly schedule Paladin broadcasting tomorrow.)


Rob said...

I'm sorry but you know I have to say it. Everyone know Aslan is not a tame lion.

Anyway, more on point, I haven't ever leveled a hunter, but a lot of that was because my fiancee has one and they just seemed kind of boring (more so than my mage even). After reading this I might have to roll one sometime and try it out for myself

tswagner said...

@ Rob -- I'm glad you said it, because I was going to have to, otherwise.

@ Honorshammer -- there's just something that seems so wrong about having Aslan as your pet... but, you actually make me see the appeal to a SV hunter, which had eluded me til now. *That* makes sense and I hope you continue to enjoy it!