Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ANNOUCEMENT: I Am The Warrior!

Apologies to Scandal.

After much thinking and a couple of sleepless nights, I've decided to make Honorsguard, my level 59 Warrior my new main.

All the 4 tank classes are relatively similar in physical mitigation these days, but for magical mitigation, the developers seem to keep pushing Paladins further and further behind. All tanks, save the Paladins, have 2 or more active cooldowns they can use on a very short cooldown. Paladins have 1.

Even in Tier 7 gear, it is possible For a Warrior to get passively unhittable, emulating a Paladin's smooth damage intake.

And the icing on the cake. the straw the broke the camels back if you will, the Warrior T8 set bonus. 20% damage reduction from all sources when they use Shield Block (a 40 second cooldown that increases their block by 100%).

Plus swinging two handers is cool, and no one will ever ask me to heal.

It is finished. I am finished. Vene, Ciderhelm I pledge my fealty to you.

I'll keep Honorshammer around for Raid nights so I don't harm my raid team, but I'll be leveling my Warrior furiously (pun!) during my offtimes.


Darraxus said...

Lol Happy April Fools day to you as well.

Therigwin said...

My Guess is April Fools?

Cause I would have to find another paladin tank blog to read :-)

Anonymous said...

OH I see what you did there.
Good work Honors will be interesting to see how many pick this up.

Thorned said...

yeah.. sure..
you paladin addicted son of a.. paladina ^^

Keep up the great work with your PALADIN blogging and have a nice april ;)

Anonymous said...

Uther Lightbringer also laughs about April Fools day when his heart attack has been gone. ^^

Anonymous said...

D'oh! You totally had me going there. Please don't scare us like that.

Galoheart said...

Hmm aprils fool it must be, it has to be.

Etherel said...

Any Protection Paladin that rolled before the great changes of TBC is completely unable to reroll, they removed that part of our psyche.