Friday, April 24, 2009

Cat Woman

Only Auriaya remained the only undefeated boss in the Antechamber of Ulduar. We ported to the Shattered Walkway and walked down to where she was patting around with her two Sanctum Sentries. My Raid Leader has taken to calling her Cat Woman.

The first thing we had to figure out was her trash. You get these two large Watcher looking guys. One of them will spawn a ball of pure energy, which will slowly move towards the other. If it isn’t destroyed before it gets there, the mob it touches gets a huge buff and will start one-shoting even geared tanks.

What we learned quickly was that when one dies the other gets the buff. After mine went down, our Death Knight tank was destroyed. I ran over and taunted, blew my trinkets, Bubble Wall aka Divine Protection, pots, and Lay On Hands. Somehow we managed to kill it before I too was destroyed.

When the next pack like this slapped us around and took our lunch money and made us thank them for it, we decided a new approach was needed. That’s when it hit us. These guys were like Feugen and Stalagg, they had to die at the same time.

It was really nice that everyone had done Naxx together so when we told them on vent, “It’s just like Feugen and Stalagg, everyone knew what we meant. If someone hadn’t done Thaddius, they wouldn’t have a clue what we were trying to tell them.

Auriaya is all about the start of the fight. The Sentrys will ‘pounce’. Basically it means they will stealth, and then show up behind a random person and proceed to destroy them.
How we handled the pull was to have everyone snuggle up near one of the pillars so we were out of line of sight for the Boss. Then we had our Death Knight drop a Death and Decay in Auriaya’s path. She would aggro and walk up the stairs where I would taunt her and the Death Knight would grab the two Sentries and tank them.

Auriaya’s Fear was annoying, but nothing that I would call dangerous. We had a Tremor Totem down and our Holy Paladin dispelling as fast as he could. When the Sentries died a Feral Defender spawned. We never had any of our DPS actively attacking it, but it was dying nonetheless to splash damage. When it died, it left a big ole black circle of death on the ground.
We had a couple more very short attempts where we the Sentries destroyed us before we got the pull right again.

The attempt was going well and we saw Feral Defender once again getting low. Our Death Knight pulled him away from Auriaya and had someone dropped a stun or root on it and had DPS switch and finish it off.

We had to move quickly to get away from the black circle of death. It’s quite large. Just them we got a fear, and we all ran right into it.

Auriaya was still banging away at me the whole time and I was getting pretty low on health. I watched as Ardent Defender saved my butt, but was down to less than 1k health. “Get Honors up!” our Raid Leader called on Vent. I blew my Hands (Lay on Hands).

I heard our Holy Paladin breath a sigh of relief over vent. Everyone got repositioned and went back to work on her. We were able to burn her down the rest of the way.The Antechamber of Ulduar was cleared.

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