Monday, April 6, 2009

Oops, I Did It Again

Sunday night, I kept banging out quests. I’ve been following a quest guide that takes you from Borean Tundra to Howling Fjord, then to Dragonblight, and onto part of Grizzly Hills before sending you into Zul’Drak.

Finally late Sunday night, I finished the course and crossed the finished line of my second level 80 toon. My Hunter is something of an ironic toon. I rolled him because I was dropping Mining on Honorshammer to pick up Engineering about midway through the Burning Crusade. My guild wasn’t anywhere close to being able to do Tier 5 content, so the Goggles were extremely attractive, and I wanted the ROFLcopter.

I knew Hunter’s reputation for being a fast leveler, but something happened along the way. I really began to have fun with him.

I’m looking at a 2/18/51 spec for him.

As soon as I hit 80, I jumped on a bird and headed to Dalaran. My ultimate destination was going to be Exodar to train my level 80 skills. I stopped by the mailbox where I had 3 pieces of gear waiting for me, a chest piece, a belt, and a pair of gloves.

While I was in town, I saw people talking about Wintergrasp and forming groups. One group was specifically looking for a Ranged DPS class. I whispered the person and got a raid invite. My strategy was to keep moving around the room as much as possible. This was to make it difficult for anyone to actually inspect and see the gear I had on. Gogo ilevel 158 green quest rewards.

We burned through the trash and started working on Archavon.

Raiding as a Hunter is so much more relaxing than raiding as a Paladin. I didn’t need to worry about who was going to pick him up or stepping on anyone’s toes. Just DPS as hard as my quest reward blues and greens would let me.

This is just wrong. I had dinged 80 not 20 minutes before, had not even trained my level 80 ranks of skills, and had unenchanted and ungemed gear.


Joe said...

I've only ever healed and I got into TBC raiding late, but I am amazed at the low output of some dps. The difference between good & bad, high & low dps on any group is night and day. It is also extremely frustrating because bad and/or low dps players can make tanks & healers look bad, or at least make them very stressed.

Ngita said...

Yes its not until you roll a dps char after having tank/healer that you realise how bad some are. I walked into my first naxx pug on weekend with my 3 80 epics(including eng helm) and rest blues and was immediately number one on dps:(. I was lucky enough to get quest item from sapphireon so I tried for a maly pug. After we booted the 1k dps rogue and warlock and the 391 dps DK who was on spark duty we actually killed him. Yes his total damage for p1 was 76k damage total. Next DK did 3k dps and a perfect job on sparks.

Stephen said...

Well I can understand you outdoing the tanks, but what the hell was that warrior at the bottom doing?

Galoheart said...

That is just so Wrong and your right about that. 20 mins at 80 and your close to top dps in a raid. Makes you think many dpsers "can" be slackers.

Don't know many tank and healers that can get away with slacking at their role, if they are they won't be doing it long or often.

However that reminds me though. My last heroic run of Gundark yesterday had a warlock that barely did 600 dps. And as the tank I did almost 3x as much dps than he did. I wasn't all that shocked at all when I looked over at Recount. Since I run lots of Heroics I can say for sure quite a few dpser I pug for group slack allot. Well over half my pug dps barely break 1k dps. Makes me think going from tank to dps I can maybe be better at working at dps than some dpsers are.

But newly 80 and topping the meter makes me wonder just what kind of gear they were wearing as well.

Gowron said...

LOL, the same happened to me, my hunter also reached 80 saturday, and I was putting the talents in place during trash in the WG-raid :p

apokteino said...

the reason for the dps is twofold:

1) most pug dps can't play. they have no idea how to max their class.

2) hunters dmg doesn't scale as much with their gear as other classes. one hunter in my guild was laughing the other night about how he did about 4k dps when he had terrible gear and not w/ full BiS he does 5k.

Darraxus said...

Bad DPS are bad. Since it was going to reset I got into a 10 man Naxx on my healer. They were at KT and wanted to finish up. Top DPS was 3k. None of the other dps broke 1600. I also doubled the healing of the other healers and did less over healing.

Anonymous said...

It's like others are saying, there are two things working in concert here:

1) You can actually play, and you do your best. A good player puts up decent numbers in any gear.

2) Most of those DPSers did a terrible, terrible, wretched job, and probably always do.

Galyan said...

I was in a regular nexus pug the other day on an alt priest and there was a level 72 mage doing about 1200 dps. I don't understand how a level 80 can't get over 1k. Its amazing.