Friday, April 17, 2009

Razor's Edge

Heroes Inc Raid Team "Shooting Blanks" headed back into Ulduar last night.

We set our sights on
RazorgoreRazorscale. Our kill order priority for the Adds was Iron Vyrkul to stop their Whirlwind. They seemed completely immune to CC and my Hammer of Justice was not able to interrupt the Whirlwind. If one of those guys didn't spawn, we wanted to get the Chain Lightning Dwarves down first. The melee adds were really of no concern to us.

The fight seems to have a bit of RNG to it. If the same person gets targeted by a Chain Lightning as well as a Fireball from Razorgore it can be tough to heal them.

RazorgoreRazorscale, much like Flame Leviathan, is a very fun fight. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, we were finally able to get him on the ground for good. Once you DPS him down to 50% health, he won't take off anymore.

We had originally tried to wait until the Adds were dealt with to bring him down, but ultimately decided to just bring him down as soon as the NPC Dwarves got the turrets repaired.

We finally made it to a ground phase and got to experience the joys of Fuse Armor and Flame Buffet. Flame Buffet is a debuff that continues to stack and each stack incases the amount of Fire damage you take by 1000. At one point the stack was up to 12. That's 12,000 extra Fire damage. Honors was feeling a bit toasty.

Fuse Armor is really fun. It's another stacking Debuff, an as it stacks it slows your movement speed by 20% per application. But when it reaches 5, you are stunned for a good 20 seconds. Also, the blue flames on the ground seem to land right around
RazorgoreRazorscale once he's on the ground, so it's a matter of stick and move. But you are slower to move so you are taking more ticks of the Fire damage from the blue fire on the ground and it's further worsened by the Flame Buffet debuff on you.

My co-Tank, a Death Knight, and I traded taunts back and forth. Once he's off of you, the Fuse Armor doesn't refresh and you can move again. It was really nice to be free of the debuff. I don't know what it is about my Death Knight co-Tank, but I've never felt as comfortable working with another tank as I do working with him. We make a really good team right now.

It took several attempts, but we finally got the big bird down.
Loot was once again easy to distribute. We got a 1 handed sword that the Death Knight took for Dual Wielding, and some Spell Power plate mail, which I was very happy to see go to our Holy Paladin.

The night was still young, so we decided to head over to XT-002 Deconstructor. His trash was gone due to it's buggy nature.

Our Raid Leader linked a video of how to do the fight and I noticed something. The video was using a Paladin Main Tank. I don't think I had ever seen a How To Video with anything but a Warrior tank. It was good to see, and reminded me how far we've come. The fact that Paladin Main Tanks aren't 'news' anymore is also good to see. We're just another tank. That's all we ever wanted to be.

The moment I laid eyes on this guy, saw him towering over raid, I knew I wanted to tank him. I didn't say anything though because I was waiting to see how my Raid Leader (the aforementioned Death Knight) would want to use me. I trust this guy. Whatever he needs me to do, I'll do it.

He gave me my wish and put me on Deconstructor.

First of all, this boss has some really funny emotes. Basically the Boss is a spoiled brat of a child and we are it's 'toys'. The voice is high pitched and whiny. I loved it.

Also, we saw the return of ilde animations. While we were regrouping after a wipe, we watched him basically start doing calisthenics. It was pretty funny to watch.

We made some really good attempts on Deconstructor. He's got a really tight enrage timer. 6 million hit points in 6 minutes. At least 3 of our wipes were because of the enrage time. After Enrage, he hit me for 95k. Not even Bubble Wall would let me survive.

He drops two different 'bombs' on the raid. A Light Bomb with does damage to you and those around you and a Gravity Bomb that ticks and then blows up. Once a minute, he does Tantrum where he deals damage equal to 120% of your hitpoints over 12 seconds. That was fairly heal intensive. But he doesn't melee the tank or throw any bombs during this time. However, you can have a Gravity Bomb or Light Bomb already on you which makes it that much harder to heal.

One trick we tried was to have our Holy Paladin use Divine Sacrifice during a Tantrum to help with the Raid damage. That seemed to help.

Every 25% of his health, he becomes untargetable and drops his heart, which you can DPS while a bunch of adds spawn. The scrapbots have to be AoE'ed down before they reach him and heal him. The Bomb Bots have to killed by range because they blow up when they die. The Pummelers have to tanked.

Damage done to the heart is partially transferred to XT-002, but the Heart takes extra damage from all attacks, so DPSing it is key to beating the enrage timer. You don't want to kill it, because if you kill the heart, he heals to full and goes into 'Hard Mode'. We almost accidentally killed the heart in one of our attempts. It had maybe 6k health left when he took it back.

Also his hit box is very large making it difficult to move him. On the upside you can hit him and still be a little way from your melee DPS.

We made some really solid attempts on him, getting him sub 10% on our best one. He dies really soon.

I'm really enjoying Ulduar. My 13/52/6 spec is working our really well. DPS has reported that they have no threat issues and are not having to hold back. In most fights, I have enough of a lead that I could use Glyph of Salvation (if it every appears on our server) and not loose threat.

I'm really enjoying the cooldown on Improved Lay On Hands and having Aura Mastery.


Anonymous said...

As of this week almost the only raiding I have done has been uld10, not what id like, but guild attendance has been low. I raid 25 mans as ret, and because of this have built up a pretty amazing tank set; so being duel spec capable in an uld10 run has been awesome.

For deconstructor I was ret. Light and gravity bombs are simple enough to deal with. For the heart phase, myself and a feral druid would burn the heart down to almost nothing while the other dps would take care of the scrap bots. For the bombs I have found that i could run in, judge>DS>CS, run out to max spell range and use either exorcism or hammer and be able to kill one myself in about half a minute without taking any damage.

After that we did a few attempts on Ignis, but decided to move on to Kologarn; which we downed(got some cool looking prot shoulders). Hopefully people will be putting up little tidbits of strategy like this as they progress, wtb honors forum.

Wankster of Magtheridon

Anonymous said...

Razorgore =/= Razorscale

thedoctor said...

Hopefully people will be putting up little tidbits of strategy like this as they progress, wtb honors forum.I agree! GOGOGO