Friday, April 24, 2009

Son Of a Hodir

With the Antechamber cleared, we moved onto the Watchers and started clearing towards Hodir.

If you haven’t explored the hallway to Hodir, let me give you a heads up. There are these little snow mounds dotted all along the path. If you get too close to one, it starts spawning about a dozen Jormungar Worms. These aren’t a problem in and of themselves, although new ones do tend to aggro to your healers. But say you discover these little mounds while you are fighting the Frost Giant and it can make it a little more difficult.

We made our way through the trash and met up with Hodir.
My Raid Leader and I had gone back and forth in a private discussion about using Frost Resist gear for Hodir. He gains a buff called Frozen Blows where he does very little physical damage but a whole lot of Frost damage. My thought had been having one of us in Frost Resist gear and the other in ‘normal’ tank gear and switch for Frozen Blows.

He felt like our Death Knight Tank (who also happens to BE our Raid Leader) could handle Frozen Blows with cooldowns and we could single tank it. Neither us knew for sure if it would work, we agreed we could try it. I asked him to at least have the Frost Resist gear made and put in the Bank. He agreed to have the materials ready and in the bank so we could quickly get the gear made if we determined we needed it.
With us ready to pull Hodir, I activated my Dual Spec and switched into my Ret gear.

I used to hate fights where I wasn’t needed to tank. I believe that because my options were to do DPS as Prot, or try to heal as Prot. Regardless of what I did, I didn’t feel like I was making a contribution to the raid. Healing requirements tend to be proportional to Tank requirements, which are if you need fewer Tanks, you generally need less Healing. Trying to DPS as Prot, I would be doing less than half of what a ‘true’ DPS could do.

Ah, but Dual Spec. I could switch into a true DPS spec, with true DPS gear, and unlike extra Healing, extra DPS is ALWAYS helpful. I finally had the ability I had so long envied in Druids: Being able to be a true DPS if I wasn’t needed to Tank.

Our first attempt was a classic case of understanding something ‘on paper’ but not having that translate to actual execution. The first time he cast Flash Freeze over half the Raid was in Ice Blocks. I made a great showing as DPS by getting myself killed by the first boulder that dropped from the sky. I got a Battle Rez (thankful for our two Druids) and promptly got killed again by more falling rocks.

Way to go, Honors!

With our healers in Ice Blocks, our Death Knight didn’t last long.

Okay, at least we had all seen the fight.

We pull again and this time people seemed to understand the hokey pokey you have to do to avoid Flash Freeze. You have to move away from the falling rocks, but then jump right into the debris to save you. With that little trick figured out, the attempt went much better.

Despite not having Spiritual Attunement, or Glyph of Seal of Blood, I was never hurting for mana.

We went at him again. This time I managed to stay alive and most of our Raid (save a particular Boomkin whose name I won’t mention) managed to keep from getting Ice Blocked.

Our Death Knight Tank did a fantastic job rotating cooldowns and our healers healed him right through Frozen Blows without Frost Resist gear. You don't kill Hodir, you free him from Yogg Saron's control. That's probably true of all the Watchers.

This is the WoW Meters Report, and what do my wondering eyes observe. I finally broke 2k DPS as Ret! Color me excited.

Hodir drops your Tier 8 Leg token. Heroes Inc first Tier 8 token went to our Mage.

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