Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank You, Dave

With the Holiday weekend, I missed the news of the passing of Dave Arneson. My condolences to the Arneson family on their loss.

Mr. Arneson was the co-creator of the table top Role Playing Game, Dungeons and Dragons.

D&D was a big part of my early life and it's really how I got into gaming. Today, I don't play D&D anymore. WoW is about the closest thing.

Thank you for your creation, Mr. Arneson.


Screech said...

with 3.1 dropping tommorow could u tell me the 6 best glyphs to get for protection and retribution spec. I've read your post about the changes but i still cant choose

Jeremy Madore said...

I didn't see this posted. But, it hit home.

Little known fact... Dave was actually a professor at Full Sail Real World Education, where I went to school for Computer Game Design.

I had the privelage (or some people might say, "task") of being his student for his eyebrow raising class regarding Game Development and Theory. Dave was a nice individual, even if he was a little eccentric. I liked him, because he was one of the few professors that had a passion for his job.

Rest in peace, Dave. I'll miss you as a teacher, and a Game Developer.

(P.S. I usually go by my SN, Evonath, but this time around, I feel a more personal connection is in order...)