Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear Mimiron, I Loot You

Our next raid we went in with a single purpose kick Mimiron’s can instead of him kicking ours.

Our warm up was Thorim. I remember this guy being a problem for our group, I really do. Ever since the Arena team figured out the Arena part, he’s been pretty easy to knock over.

Our raid seems to get a propensity of loves Rogue, Death Knight, Mage, Druid tokens. I understand that the token has a slightly higher drop rate due to serving 4 classes as opposed to just 3. I’m sure other raids are tired of their Priest, Paladin, Warlock tokens, but I’m betting you’d have to read a Warrior or Death Knight Blog to see it.

With our ‘2’ keys properly broken in, we headed off to face Mimiron. The trash wasn’t quite so bad this time around. I’m not sure if it was because of the nerfs to Sappers or that we were just more familiar with the pulls. I found that the Spider Robot that you can jump in once it’s defeated is great for taking out the Ice Turrets that the drivers build when they jump out. Those turrets are just lethal.

We finally got down to Mimiron. My Raid Leader announced a change in the Tanking assignments. He would tank Mimiron in Phase 1 and Phase 4. I was still on Assault Bot duty in Phase 3. At that point, I didn’t care if he said the Hunter Pet was going to tank, I just wanted to see Mimiron die.

My job is Phase 1 was to use Divine Sacrifice to help our DK survive Plasma Blast. He would use his own cooldown for the first, then our Holy Paladin would use Divine Sacrifice for the second and I would Divine Sacrifice the third. I’ve heard some people say they only get two Blasts but we get three without fail.

Phase 2 seems fairly simple, even though it’s the mechanics from Phase 2 (rockets and Barrage) that seem to be the killers for our group in Phase 4.

I had no trouble locking down the Assault Bots in Phase 3. I don’t think they so much as looked at our DPS or Healers.

Phase 4, ah Phase 4. After our first wipe our Raid Leader figured out the issue. The hit box of the bottom section gives the tank a misleading idea of whether or not he’s going to be hit by Barrage. You think you’re behind him, but the game thinks you are in front of him. On the next attempt, we tried to Baby Spice the lower section but it seemed to be immune.

So we got ready for our next attempt. Unbeknownst to the raid, my Death Knight had figured out something with toggling his walk/run that would allow him to very slowly strafe around the boss. That attempt we survived 2 Laser Barrages for the first time. Suddenly vent was filled with people calling out percentages on the various parts of the body. My Raid Leader was directing DPS to different sections. Then the arms attached to the middle section went limb. Our DPS poured into the head and finished it off. Then they tore into the bottom and DPSed like they had never DPSed before. Mere seconds from a ‘repair’ that would have spelled the end of our attempt, Mimiron’s V0L-7-R0N shut down. We had done it. Mimiron down! And wouldn’t you know it, Rogue, Death Knight, Mage, Druid token. Who cares, Mimiron down!

With Mimiron defeated, we headed into the Descent into Madness. This was really fun. We’d pull a group of trash with very little idea of what they did. We used the mob names and gear to try to guess at their abilities. If a mob was dressed in Warrior Tier 7, we anticipated it had Warrior type abilities. As I was tanking my mob, I would watch his buff bar for clues to what he was about to do to us. Sheep and Hex saw heavy use. If we had had a Warlock, Banish would have come into play as well.

We cleared the trash and started attempts on General Vezax. The Death Knight would tank him. The fight is very unfriendly to a Mana based tank. As we looked through our roster we realized that every single one of us was a mana user, and we were very short on interrupts. Basically we had the Death Knights and mine. His was limited by Runic Power and mine by a very long cooldown and the fact it was on the Global cooldown, which meant that if I wanted to make sure to interrupt, I had to stop doing anything but autoattack to make sure I wouldn’t be stuck in a Global Cooldown when I needed to interrupt.

We made a couple of good attempts, and our best shot was about 65%. We definitely felt like we could get him.

We would later learn that Heroes was the third guild (Alliance side) on Altar of Storms to defeat all 4 Keepers. Additionally, no guild on our server has defeated General Vezax. We’ve never cared about server ‘firsts’ and we weren’t going to schedule a raid for the weekend just to chase one. I don’t know if anyone on our server had gotten him yet. It would be exciting to be the first guild to kill him.


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome. I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I'm glad to see that a closer knit raiding guild is working out so well for you. Keep it up bro.

thedoctor said...

I agree with the first comment, keep it up. Good to hear you are doing well and enjoying raiding!

woot woot