Friday, May 22, 2009

Epic Mimiron Fight

Last night, I logged on just moments before the raid was supposed to start. I had been at a planning meeting for our Vacation Bible School where I’ll be leading the 1st and 2nd graders class. Even if you aren’t a Christian, I recommend you let your kids go to Vacation Bible School. The kids have a blast and you get a couple of hours to yourself. Look for a Church using the Boomerang Express Theme. That’s what we’re using and the curriculum is pretty good.

Anyway, we had had a really good run on Tuesday, and we were starting on Mimiron Thursday night.

Our group was a little more melee heavy than normal. Our DPS team is mostly ranged consisting of a Mage, a Shadow Priest, two Hunters, a Boomkin and an Elemental Shaman. Some nights, it’s just Ellevis (Death Knight/Raid Leader) and me in melee range of the boss.

Last night our DPS team was Ofn (a Rogue), Absoloot (an Arms Warrior), Origami (a Feral Druid), Bluetide (said Elemental Shaman) and Bandaidez (said Shadow Priest). We also had our Holy Paladin go Ret from time to time, and our Tanking Death Knight would go DPS. Our Healers were our Disc Priest and Resto Druid.

Mimiron was going to be interesting with so many melees, especially when two those (the Arms Warrior and Rogue) hadn’t seen the fight before. We wipe a couple of times as people got familiar with the fight.

We finally made it into Phase 4, but people were dpsing the wrong targets. Our Elemental Shaman noticed that there weren’t any DoTs on the Head. We only had two people who could even hit the head. It was called out on vent and corrected. Then we lost our Elemental Shaman. The Head was getting seriously behind. With Mimiron, you have to kill all 3 sections within 12 seconds of each other or they ‘repair’ and come back to life.

Our Feral Druid shape shifted into Caster form and started to Moonfire and Wrath the Head. I stayed on the bottom, but it was slowly dying just from Holy Shield hits. The middle and bottom were at 5%, but the head was at 12%. Our Shadow Priest kept pouring DPS into the head. Then we lost both the Arms Warrior and the Rogue. Not long after that our Death Knight went down.

Finally we got the head to 5% or so when I saw the glyph under my feet marking an impact zone of one of Mimiron’s rocket. My raid leader saw it too and called it out on vent. I went to move but somehow hit my spacebar. So naturally Honorshammer jumped. The rocket hit and I died. As hard as it is to tank Phase 4, I make the silly mistake of hitting a space bar when I’m supposed to move. Ugh.

The bottom section, freed of it’s pesky tank, decided to go slam it’s ram into our Shadow Priest, then it moseyed over and smacked down our Feral turn Caster Druid.

We were down to our Disc Priest and Resto Druid with Mimiron bearing down on them which would mercifully put an end to this attempt.

Or would it?

Just as he was heading over, the Bottom section stopped moving and ‘broke’. Then the Middle ‘broke’ and finally the Head ‘broke’. Mimiron began his ‘you beat me’ speech. Achievements flashed up and the chest spawned. We had won!

Cheers filled vent like it was a first kill.

Apparently, just before our Shadow Priest died he had managed to get a full spread of DoTs on each section. Then when our Holy Priest and Resto Druid saw it was down to them they started DoTing, Moonfiring, Wanding and Wrathing.

The phrase ‘by the hair of our chinny chin chin’ came to mind.

Our Elemental Shaman snagged the Tier helm and our Arms Warrior got a nice DPS cloak with Strength.

That was a truly exciting and epic kill.

We celebrated by one shotting General Vezax. Then we made some attempts at Yogg and Iron Council Hard Mode.

We nearly got Iron Council but we didn’t quite have the DPS to pull it off. Once you get to Steelbreaker you basically have 2 minutes to get him down or he’ll wipe the raid in something of a soft enrage.

What’s very exciting to me is that we’ll have our entire raid night Monday dedicated to Yogg Saron. I can't wait!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


Galoheart said...

Sound like a real Epic fight. Often make the effort put forth worth it just for a win like that.

Have a safe holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Fights like taht are awesome. Had one like that on Razorscale over the weekend on my first outing to Uldar 10.

The three healers smote him to death just as the RL was calling a wipe.

Awesome fun.