Monday, May 4, 2009

My Day With Mr. Hammer

Mr. Hammer is a nice dwarf, with a funny name.

My day with Mr. Hammer started by going to see the spooky Lighthouse the Matron had told us about. I saw a real live ghost pirate. That was too cool.

Then I asked Mr. Hammer if he would take me to see the big dam the Dwarves built. Mr. Hammer is a nice Dwarf. He took me to see the dam. It’s bigger than anything and huge!

I wanted to go see the Bear tree thing in the Night Elf city but it was very far away. Mr. Hammer just smiled and took out a special stone from his bag. The next thing I know we are in this big city in the clouds. He made me a chocolate cake, a cupcake and bought me candy. Mr. Hammer is really nice.

Then he took me to a room with all these pretty pictures. We touched the pretty picture of the Night Elf city and we were really there!

The Bear tree looked very cool. I had never seen anything like that before ever.

Then I was hungry. Mr. Hammer took me on a boat to Stormwind and bought me some Ice Cream. I liked Mr. Hammer’s ice cream.

I asked Mr. Hammer if he would get me the autograph of Jaina Proudmoore. She is a great Alliance Hero! Mr. Hammer said he knew Jaina and he would take me to her.

Mr. Hammer called one of his friends, Mr. Tonk. Even Mr. Hammer’s friends have strange names.

Mr. Tonk made a pretty picture of the place Jaina lives. We touched the pretty picture and next thing you know we were standing by Mrs. Jaina and I got her autograph.

I had had the most fun with Mr. Hammer, but Mr. Hammer just smiled and said he had much more to show me.

Mr. Hammer and some of his friends took me to a big ole castle. There were lots of scary looking things in there, but Mr. Hammer kept me safe. He took me to see a bad King. Mr. Hammer fought the bad King and beat up the bad King really good.

Then we went a played a game. There were lots of floating rocks. Mr. Hammer wanted me to help him carry a flag to base before any of the bad people tagged him. The first time we tried, a couple of bad people tagged Mr. Hammer. But then Mr. Hammer went back and got another flag and we carried it to base with a big robot that Mr. Hammer called a Fel Reaver.

Mr. Hammer showed me another game. This time the bad people took our flag and we had to get it back. Mr. Hammer tried and tried, but someone always took the flag before Mr. Hammer could. Mr. Hammer had been nice to me. I told him it was okay.

Then Mr. Hammer played another game and I saw some horses at a stable and some men working at a mine. That was a fun game. We didn’t see many bad people trying to tag Mr. Hammer.

Next Mr. Hammer took me to a big fortress and showed me how to drive a tank! That was more amazing than anything I could have asked. Then he took me on a long flight and showed me how he trained with a lance and a shield. I want to do that one day.

Mr. Hammer had been so nice to me and shown me so many things. I was sad when he dropped me back off at the Orphanage, but Mr. Hammer said he would come to visit whenever he was in Stormwind. I like Mr. Hammer. I gave Mr. Hammer my pet turtle, Speedy, to remember me by.
Mr. Hammer is a nice dwarf, with a funny name.


Evonath said...

Nice writeup, and well done from another perspective.

I need to get going on this meta-cheeve.

Anonymous said...

In character postings are the best! RP for life!

Anonymous said...

The return the flag part of this is horrific. A friend of mine was lucky enough to get into a WSG where there had been some organisation done before hand and a Nelf druid stood in our flag room without horde attacking, picking up the flag and dropping it straight away so people could get it. Honestly after an entire afternoon trying to get this achievement the normal way I dont think Ill ever get it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr Hammer. Given the absolute frustration I'm having with this achievement (even with resilience gear healers have trouble getting the BG part), and the fact that it will probably be the one I don't get for the event meta it was great to read a blog entry about it that was well written and brought a smile to my face!