Friday, May 22, 2009

XT-002 Positioning

In preparation for defeating XT-002 on ‘Hard Mode’ we’ve made a change to the positioning of the Boss. Most strategies and groups tend to tank XT-002 at the base of the stairs in the back center of the room.

We’ve moved our tank spot to between the two junk piles on the left hand side of the room as you walk in. When you position XT here, you get the benefit of not having to deal with adds from the two closest junk piles. Adds only spawn from the two junk piles on the left hand side of the room. This creates a very long path for the mobs to travel to reach XT-002 and gives our AoE DPS plenty of time to take out the Repair bots.

It also gives our tanks plenty of time to pick up the Assault Bots. This last attempt we decided to try making it a single tank fight.

With our Raid DPS, XT tends to spend very little time out of the‘Heart’ mode. He doesn’t melee while the Heart is exposed so the damage intake to the Main Tank is minimal. We had our Main Tank (who was your humble author this week) pick up all the Assault Bots and tank them in addition to tanking XT.

Once we are ready to try hard mode, we will be able to run a matrix of just 1 one tank and 3 healers, freeing up our Death Knight to go full DPS spec and gear.


Galoheart said...

Read a similiar strat like this somewhere else a little while ago. Was fun to finally get to see and help him the other night though. I was the OT on all the adds while the tank got the boss by the stairs.

Was fun time running around with all the adds. This strat or outside the box strat makes it less hectic. Will try to remember it next time I see him though uncertain when that would be given dismal state of guild at the moment. Who knows..

RJ said...

Cool, I'm going to try that in our next run.