Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Desprerate Measures

Be Advised: this post is not releated to World of Warcraft in any way.

We interrupt this Paladin blog to bring you a message from the man behind the keyboard.

Hi. I'm the guy you know online as Honorshammer, and I'm asking for your help.

The company that I work for just found out that we lost our biggest contract. This is generally considered a Bad Thing. We need to find new customers before the end of the year, or more Bad Things will start happening like layoffs or possibly even worse. This sort of has me bummed out.

I've been wracking my brain trying to think of anything I can do. I like my job, and I like the people I work for. I really don't want to be looking for a new job anytime soon.

I'm not a Sales or Marketing guy. That's not my gig. I write code, I dissect processes, I think in object models. These are desperate times, they call for desperate measures.

What follows here is a basic idea of what my company does. What I'm hoping is that you will see something here that will spark your interest. Maybe not even for your company, maybe you know someone who works at a company that my company could help. I'm really hoping that you will decide to email me at honorshammer at gmail dot com, and we'll create a lead for my Sales team. That lead will turn into a customer, and those Bad Things will never happen. I might as well give it go, what do I have to lose?

The Pitch

The company that I work for that consults with companies and helps them better manage their supply chains.

Basically, we can help any company that holds physical inventory significantly increase sales, improve margins, reduce surplus inventory, avoid hassles and lower costs. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about retail stores or finished goods.

We increase sales and profits by ensuring your customers can buy the products they want, when they want it. Our unique ability to secure availability of our clients’ products, based on consumer demand rather than forecast and scheduling methods, stems from our proven ability to drastically reduce lead times. The result: your products are much more likely to be both available for sale and sold at full markup. Sales and margins increase while you reduce your investment in inventory, producing a flood of cash.

We don't like consultants who get paid for recommendations and then, if you complain about the results, point the finger at your implementation. An engagement with us means you have far more cash and earn much more money than we charge in fees. Furthermore, our fees are due only after you get the results. Lastly, we don't bore in and become a permanent expense; we transfer our intellectual capital to you so you own the solution.

For one of my companies major clients – a multibillion-dollar international clothing company – our first pass at only a small part of the client’s supply chain resulted in finding $8 million dollars of net profits and pulling $42 million out of inventory.

Thanks for allowing me a little time to post a personal message to the blog.


Fred said...

Sorry to hear Honors and I wish my company could utilize you guys. Unfortunately, we lease railcars and have had 6 lessees go bankrupt thus leaving us with 700 idle cars not earning $800/mnth per car (which translates into us losing half a mil a month).

And to top things off, with the economy being down alot of our customers aren't moving product and we charge mileage used (more lost revenue).

I've been nervous for a few months now, but like you I too am a computer guy. Processes, objects, and data are my bread and butter.

Anonymous said...

That sucks:(
I wish you goodluck in replacing the business.