Monday, June 8, 2009

Twisted Nether Interview In The Books

Sunday night, after getting our church decorated and ready for VBS, I jumped on the computer just in time for my interview with Twisted Nether. I didn’t break their internet this time and we had a really good chat.

I was actually a little nervous going in, worrying about thing I shouldn’t have, like what kind of impression I was going to make on them. I’ve heard hosts talk about guests being a ‘good interview’ and that’s what I wanted to be, but if I ‘tried to too hard’ I’d come off just the opposite. Funny how that works.

In a way, it was good that I was tired from decorating my church because it allowed me to just sit back and be myself. I was too tired to do anything else.

We had a really good discussion about blogging, tanking, and WoW in general. I got to go down memory lane a bit talking about some my experiences as a Paladin Tank in Burning Crusade. It was also educational for me to realize that things I take for granted like saying “969 rotations” are absolutely nonsensical to some people.

Once the show is edited, they will put up on their website and I will link it here.


Misneach said...

Looking forward to hearing it :)

Molsan said...

Looking forward to it as well.