Friday, August 14, 2009

All My Toons

Level 80 Dwarf - Curent main.

Level 23 Blood Elf - Abandoned. I will no longer need him when Faction changes are allowed.

Level 18 Human - Abandonded. My first ever toon in World of Warcraft.

Level 36 Troll - Abandoned. Currently serving as a DE bot and Bank/Auctioneer for all my Horde toons.

Level 17 Gnome - Abandoned. Rolled this guy to give a 'pure' class a go. Too squishy.


Level 80 Draenai - Alt. My only level 80 capable of ranged DPS. 2nd toon of mine to hit Level 80.

Level 51 Orc - Abandoned. Highest level Horde toon until the Druid or Shaman passes him.

Level 44 Tauren - Main alt. This is the guy I use around with when I don't have very much time to play. Log on, do a quest or two, log off. Recently switched from Feral to Boomkin. Considering transfering him to Horde side AoS.

Level 23 Night Elf - Abandoned. This was my original alt and the only toon left on my original server, Dark Iron.

Level 30 Draenai - Abandoned. I had thought at one point that this would have been my 3rd 80, but I stopped when I started leveling up my Tauren Shaman.

Level 38 Tauren - I rolled this guy when my guild was doing their Horde alts experiment between Naxx and Ulduar.

I keep debating between my Shaman and Druid as to who is going to be my 4th (and likely last) Level 80. Right now the Druid is winning.

Level 6 Human - Didn't take me long to figure out I didn't enjoy the Rogue. Now my bank/auction house guy for my Alliance toons.

Level 8 Human - Abandoned. Didn't take me logn to figure out I didn't enjoy the Priest. Toon most likely to be deleted when I need another character slot on Altar of Storms.

Level 80 Human - Alt. My 3rd Level 80 toon. He was rolled towards the end of Burning Crusade as an insurance policy against the Developers not bringing Paladin tanks up to competitive levels. Still leveled him anyway just because he's a lot of fun to play.

Level 13 Orc - Abanoned. Also rolled during our Horde reroll experiment

Death Knight
Level 57 Dwarf - One of these days he'll make it out of the starting area and take over the bank/auction business from my Rogue. If I can stand it to play him that long.


Hana said...

Hehe... I'm glad I'm not the only person who's rolled multiple alts of the same class only to leave them parked at various levels throughout the game. I have three druids, two paladins, two hunters, two warriors, a shaman, a mage, a warlock, and a DK. The only classes I've never tried are rogue and priest. Only one druid and one paladin are at 80.

tego said...

hehe pretty much all i can stand to do with the DK's is the starting area... still a good showing, one i cant hope to match with my.... one 80 paladin and nothing other thank dk's above... 15

Ardent Defender said...

Like how you did that list.

Might be a observation but seems common that players who play Paladins seem to enjoy playing Druids and Shamans.

After my Shaman gets to 80 and only 2 clicks away at that for my 2nd 80 then it's a toss up between my 65 banking DK and my 22 hybernating Druid.