Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can't Have It Both Ways

I absolutely love my Paladin. But leading up to 3.2, I would run out of things he needed to do and turned my attention to my Alts.

I have two level 80 alts, my Hunter and my Warrior.

My conflict with them is that I seem drawn to the 'wrong' tree. My Hunter's proper tree is Survival, yet I seem to enjoy Marksman. The Pet of the Month is the Wolf, but I got tired of being 'another Hunter with a Wolf'. So I went out and tamed a Dragonhawk. Yes, a Cunning Pet! I dig me some Roar of Recovery when I can't give myself Replenishment.

My Warrior has been less of a conflict. I seem to like Arms and Fury about equally, but I do seem to prefer Fury just a bit more. The problem, of course, is you're supposed to be Arms until you get almost Best in Slot gear.

Well these are just alts, it doesn't really matter what I do with them. I should play whatever I want. That's all fine and dandy, until this other side of my personality comes to the fore.

That's my competitive side. See I want to be competitive DPS even though I've made these 'wrong' choices.

I can't have it both ways. Either I spec 'properly' and can really compete on the meters, or I play what I want and have to tell myself I'm doing the best I can with what I've chosen.

My inner Johnny and my inner Spike battle it out.


Capn Skillet said...

The way I look at it, alts are meant to be for fun. Not that I don't enjoy playing my paladin main in one of the "best" specs for prot and holy, because I do, but if I play my hunter I'm going to do what I want.

I happen to really enjoy Survival, but I might try marksman if I can stomach another 1000 g to dual spec. I say play what you enjoy, especially on an alt. As for pets, unless you're BM spec I don't think the damage difference is that huge any way.

BamaTank Inc. said...

Marksman isn't really the red-headed stepchild you make it out to be.

If you look at ( you can see that Marksman comes out on top compared to survival and beastmastery when each spec has the best available gear.

I'm not sure where the three specs stand in average gear, but there should be no reason you can't pull respectable dps as marksman.

The pet, while perhaps suboptimal from a min/max perspective is still only a small portion of your dps, so that's not going to lower your dps too much. If you want to use an unusual pet, maybe try a wasp, tallstrider or a moth. All of which are dps-type pets.

You might compare your spec to the marksman spec on elitistjerks and tweak your shot rotation/priority system to try to maximize your dps.

Good luck!

Daxenos said...

Beastmaster went the way of the dodo recently, and I could care less. I love playing the spec and won't change even if my DPS is just above the tank.

Of course, I'm not raiding or pushing content, so I can afford to play what I like.


Wrathy said...

I have an 80 hunter in BiS naxx gear and I love it. I have so much fun playing a hunter from time to time, it is a refreshing break. Honestly tho, MM is a very powerful spec, and from all accounts, i believe the best dps spec at the moment.

Whats my main Again? said...

I find myself trying to be better in specs that aren't supposed to be on top. Thats why my hunter is MM, my mage is arcane, and my priest is Disc. Though they have ebbed and flowed through nerfs and buffs they aren't the universally accepted top specs... though from what I understand MM is winning out in the top end gear.

Most of the trees are close enough now that just playing a spec better will come out on top. If you are more comfortable and better at MM then Survival then there is a good chance you will have higher dps as MM. Atleast assuming you have a good priority rotation.

Anonymous said...

Marksmen definatley is not a bad option for dps, it can be beaten by survival, but with better gear, i have seen first hand some epic marksmen dps in Ulduar.

Armory Calrit, Marks of Hunter of "Conquest" on Vashj

- Honorshammer (the copycat >:) )

Anonymous said...

Marksman isn't actually that far behind Survival if I remember correctly (I haven't checked on EJ for a while though, this is mainly through fafhrd on the Offspec forums) and pulls ahead when in near BiS gear. That's one less decision to make, but even if Marksmanship is not as close as I think it is, you should go with whatever you have the most fun with. If you consider fun topping the dps meters, so be it.

Just my take.

Fish said...

I accept and understand people that number crunch to do things as efficiently/effectively as possible. However, this is a game, and you have to do what is fun for you. Plenty of people love affliction for efficient leveling on a warlock, I LOVE my felguard. I'm with you that fury is just way more fun on my warrior. Do what is fun for you, it's a game after all. . .

Dorgol said...

My Warlock runs with a Demonology spec. Not too uncommon these days, you say. 0/40/31 is an incredibly powerful build, you say. Sure! Except that I run with Metamorphosis!

I first picked up Soul Link waaaay back in February '05 - the day I hit level 40. Back then it was an activated ability instead of an aura. I played Demonology as much as possible, even going so far as to raid MC / BWL / AQ40 in a horrible, horrible build that would get me laughed at today.

The build I have now IS a raiding build. But it still isn't "optimal" - I could get more DPS out of EITHER of the other trees. But I don't care!