Friday, September 4, 2009

Emblems of Triumph Pick Order (10 Man Raider)

When Wrath started Heroics and Naxx10 gave you level 200 gear. Naxx25 gave you level 213. Then Ulduar came out. Ulduar 10 gear was level 219, while Ulduar 25 gear was level 226.

Now with Crusade out you have 3 different levels. Crusade 10 will give you level 232 gear. Crusade 10 Heroic and Crusade 25 give level 245 gear. Crusade 25 Heroic gives the best gear at level 258.

The best gear from Heroic is available only after killing the last boss. The number of tokens you get will depend on how many 'tries' you had left.

Crusade 10, Crusade 10 Heroic and Cruasde 25 gear are all obtained with Emblems of Triumph. Crusade 10 gear is obtained with just Emblems of Triumph. Crusade 10 Heroic / Crusade 25 gear requires more Emblems as well as a Trophy that drops off the Bosses in 25man and from the Tribute Chest in Heroic 10. A full clear of the 25 man will yeild 15 Emblems and 5 trophies, a full clear of Heroic 10 man will yeild 15 Emblems and 2 to 4 trophies. You can also obtain Emblems from the Heroic Daily Quest.

What's really different about Tier 9 is that your pick order for Triumph badges really varies on what kind of content you'll be clearing. I'm going to look at this from the perspective of a 10 man Raider doing Heroic/Hard Mode.

With any pick order, use common sense when applying it to your own situation. My pick order is going to be influenced by my own situation, and I'll be sure to explain the reasons behind why I've used the pick order below. Keep in mind that you might get a drop that changes the pick order for you.

Book 'em Dano

Libram of Defiance 25 Emblems of Triumph

I recommend the first purchase be the Libram of Defiance. This Libram gives you a chance to gain 200 dodge rating for 18 sec. each time you use your Hammer of The Righteous ability. It has a very high uptime. I always try to gear for the hardest content available to me and right now that Heroic ToC. The bosses in there hit HARD, so I want all the avoidance and effective health I can get.

That has a nice ring to it

Clutch of Fortification 35 Emblems of Triumph

The next target is the ring. The reason I have this here is you won't be replacing it until Icecrown. Pair this baby up with the Loop of the Val'kyr from Heroic Twins and you've got quite a set. No other rings comes near the Stamina and Armor of these two rings.

A Tiered Approach

Now you start thinking about Tier Gear. You might need to buy some iLevel 232 Tier 9 pieces to give you a better shot at clearing the instance and getting the trophies for the 245 pieces. Remember you can mix and max 232 and 245 to activate your 2 and 4 piece bonus.

Your goal is to build up to the 4 piece bonus as quickly as you can. I'm a big fan of the 4 peice bonus which makes Divine Protection (our Shield Wall) usuable every 90 seconds. That's incredible. You want that ability, and you want it now.

Tier Hands
Tier Legs
Tier Shoulders
Tier Chest
Faceplate of the Honorbound

Buy the non Trophy piece when have enough Emblems. As soon as your guild can clear Heroic and start getting Trophies, save up for the 245 piece, but don't start back at the top of the list. Keep going down the list and then go back and replace your 232 pieces after you get the Helm.

Normally I would support the idea of buying the most expensive piece first, but here's why I don't agree with that for EoTs. The Hands wind up on top by virtue of the other pieces having good alternatives.

Your Chest and Helm should already be iLevel 226 items because both are available from Conquest Emblems. In addition, Anub'arak drops a 232 Chest. That puts both items on a lower priority to be upgraded.

The Tier 8 Legs are very well itemized, probably the best itemized piece of Tier 8.

The Shoulders are lower on the pick order because there's a possible 232 and 245 drop available to you from the Faction Champions.

Once you are ready to replace the helm, I actually recommend the Faceplate of the Honorbound. It's the same iLevel as your Tier 9 (245) and I feel it's a better itemized piece. They have the same Armor and Stamina, but the Faceplate has superior avoidance, while T9 has superior threat. I gear for survival over threat. By using the Faceplate of the Honorbound, you will free up a Trophy to go to someone else in your raid making your whole team stronger.

Leave it on the shelf

Glyph of Indomitability

I'm not a fan of this trinket and wouldn't spend Emblems on it. It's a load of armor with a dodge on use. I prefer stamina which works against magic as well as physical, with an avoidance on use.

If you have more Emblems, buy Crusader Orbs and get some Saronite Swordbreakers made.


Argon said...

The Libram is only 25 badges according to WoWhead.

Dorgol said...

The Libram IS awesome. As is the Libram for Ret and Holy. And the Idols for all the Druid specs. AND the Shaman Totems and Deathknight Sigil.

I only hope that Blizzard makes future Relics as cool as these guys.

Ogscreech said...

could you possibly do a guide for the other emblems?