Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Patch 3.2 Adjustments

I was happily surprised to find the servers were up and running when I tried to get online last night. I had logged out in the Dalaran Jewelcrafting shop not knowing if the patch would drop yesterday or next week.

The placed was jammed as you might imagine. I picked up some of the major cuts I knew I would need, Shifting, Bold, Solid, and Enduring. I also picked up Runed because Runed always sells well.

Epic gems were going for between 300g to 500g. I had saved up 5 stacks of Titanium Ore. A stack of Ore had risen from 150g yesterday to 500g today. So instead of prospecting, I listed the Ore. When I logged off last night, it still hadn't sold. Even if it doesn't sell I can still prospect it.

Speaking of prospecting, people were willing to pay very well for that service, although I did feel bad for the guy who paid me to prospect 2 stacks of Titanium Ore and didn't get a single epic gem. It felt like I was running my own WoW casino.

I still had a couple of Dalaran Jewelcrafting Tokens left. When I saw one of my guildies looking for a particular cut, and not able to find it, I went and picked it up. That made her and another Shaman from my Raid group most happy.

With the recipes learned, I went out buying the gems to start upgrading the ones in my set.

Next task was to change both my Ret and Prot specs. I picked up Vindication, Pursuit of Justice, and Reckoning, while dropping points in Conviction. In addition, I dropped Divine Sacrifice and Divine Guardian.

I also used that opportunity to switch out my Glyphs. I had been running Divine Plea, Salvation, and Judgement. Since I got a Titanguard (sword) and was using that instead of Legacy of Thunder (mace), I had dropped by down below the expertise dodge cap. So I went back to Glyph of Seal of Vengeance. I had also heard taunt swaps were important for the first fight in Trial of the Crusader, so in went Glyph of Righteous Defense. I dropped Glyph of Judgment, which really doesn't add a whole lot in the way of TPS. I also dropped Glyph of Hand of Salvation. Since we got a real cooldown in Ardent Defender, I didn't need to jerry rig a PVP glyph to try to make up for a deficiency in my tanking toolkit.

It was about 45 minutes until Raid time and the heroic daily for the day was Violet Hold. Heroics are suddenly very popular and I had 6 or 7 people willing to go as soon as I mentioned knocking it out prior to raid time.

The mod that I use for my UI is called Spartan and it's busted right now. You can't see your health or mana, or the mobs health or mana. Worst of all, at least for me, is you can't see the target of target. I downloaded the Spartan Beta, but that flat out didn't work. No action bars, no frames, nada.

I opted to go with a partially functional Spartan until I can figure out what I'm going to do. Most of my other mods seemed to be okay.

Of course we blasted through Violet Hold with no trouble at all, and I received my first two Emblems of Triumph. Tier 9 gear, here I come!

By that point, it was time to get the raid put together and test ourselves in the Trial of the Crusader.


Anonymous said...

I run spartanui as well and found they posted this fix on their forums if you feel up to doing some minor code rewriting. Here is the link:

apokteino said...

quick question about AD. i heard some rumors that even though it was working on the PTR it's still leapfrogging live. is that true?

i'd check my self but we don't have a pally tank and i really don't want to respec. = P

Honors Code said...

I'd have to check the logs to see if it was leapfrogging. I could definately see the 'save' part working.