Monday, August 10, 2009

Way Back Machine

I thought while I was away I would share some pictures from the way back machine. These are screenshots from my time in Heroes Inc during early Tier 4. This was our first Attumen the Huntsman kill in Karazhan. Wichita the Shaman would morph into Ellevis the Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King and would found the current guild I am in, Unusual Suspects. Lakini is still our favorite Boomkin. Zadorr and Origami were with us through much of Ulduar and have recently stopped raiding.
This was one of our early kills of Maiden of Virtue. Brambles, the Mage would morph first into Chickenpox the Death Knight and later into Taxiderm the Hunter, and remains a key part of our team. You can also see Agamengnome, who recently joined Unusual Suspects and raids 10 mans with Perp's team. This last shot is some of the same faces, but with the addition of a Night Elf Hunter named Jagdelf. Jag became Magnusson the Holy/Ret Paladin and was with us all through Ulduar, even banging away at tossing how Holy Light bombs last night on General Hard Mode.

That's about half my team that I've been raiding with all the way back to when Karazhan was 'progression raiding'.

I am so thankful that these guys welcomed me back after Mal Katai blew up.

Good luck tonight Unusual Suspects!


thedoctor said...

That's awesome that you still raid with the same people.

That is why WoW is as popular as it is today. The relationships you make with the people you meet.

Very cool post

Gravity said...

it's nice to still raid with old friends. I'm in the same guild now for 1.5 years. I got to the guild's fifth annual meet, and my first, just recently and we had a great time.